Grapes of Stash

Posted on: 18 April, 07

I was suppose to be working on costumes for the folk dance festival at the elementary school when I was hit with inspiration. Ok, it wasn’t a thunderbolt from the sky. It was more like I happen to notice a piece of fabric in my scrap basket and decided it would make a cute baby dress and pants. Frustrated that there wasn’t enough to make the dress and pants, I almost chucked the whole thing back into the scrap basket. Suddenly, I remembered another piece of knit. Could they possibly match? Why had I not noticed this before? Could it be I have so much fabric that it is impossible to commit each piece to memory? It was kismet….the purples matched exactly.

Ottobre seriously needs to design a baby wrap top because I love my hacked version. The mom who received my last hacked wrap top loves it. The wrap is stylish, yet easy to get over those big baby heads. The dress (or tunic top, if you prefer) started with design #1 from 01/05. I made it wrap, then I made it into an a-line dress. Since the quilted knit is perfect for cooler temps, the dress needed something to keep baby’s leg warm. I already had design #8 from 01/01 traced, but didn’t want all those seams lines with a striped fabric. I just eliminated all the seams for a quick pair of elastic waist pants. When I finished, it seemed to be lacking a little something. A small red satin rose added just the right amount of color.

Oh, and about those costumes? No worries. This little outfit only took about an hour to make. I am right on schedule with costumes.


4 Responses to "Grapes of Stash"

Thanks for visiting my blog — I enjoyed coming over here and seeing all your cute baby creations! I think I will also have to discover FOE — dealing with the elastic was definitely the worst part about those bloomers I made.

That is a super cute outfit! Can’t wait to see what you do with product from the worms. g

How about making a few up, opening an Etsy shop and selling them to people who know they will love them? I think it’s a terrific idea — and too cute!

Great job!


Very cute little outfit! I admire your resourcefulness.

Love, Wardeh

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