Hello Summer

Posted on: 23 April, 07

It is 80 degrees today and sunny. Perfect weather. I love the warm weather because I hate cold and I get to wear cute tops like this. By the way, “hate” is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel about the cold.

Since 6 is the smallest size for New Look 6402, I had to do some redrafting. It is still a little big, but I considered this sort of a test muslin anyway. The pattern is actually for a dress, but I wanted a top. I never let a pattern tell me what I can and cannot do. 🙂 This was very quick and easy to sew. I did not even look at the instruction sheets. The bodice is self lined with the eyelet and, no, none of the little holes lined up so everything is covered in the bodice. The pattern called for bust darts, but soft gathers seemed more in keeping with casual style. I do plan to make a dress or two and another top from this pattern because it is such an easy style to wear.

I was so happy to pull out my white jeans again. I am even more delighted to pack away those fuzzy sweaters again. A fun, swishy skirt is on the cutting table. Stay tuned for details…..


5 Responses to "Hello Summer"

I was in a class with Linda MacPhee of MacPhee Workshop one time. She told a story about a woman who had come up to her and complained that none of her patterns had short sleeves. She said she looked right at her and said, with a twinkle in her eye, “Have you got a pair of scissors?”

Never be constrained by the pattern, especially when a pair of scissors will fix the problem!


Great top!

I like how you gathered at the bust. Good choice!

Love, Wardeh

I love that top! How great that you don’t let a pattern “tell you what to do” I love that, more. I need to take that advice and run! Enjoy your warm weather – we’re back to 52 and raining. Love Seattle! g

Okay. I love the top. But I HATE when you get to say “the smallest size was 6 so I had to make it smaller” (laughing)


Nice job!


Very nice shirt! I like the fabric too. I hope to get really good at sewing to be able to make a dress with looking at the pattern instructions. I’m sure it will take me years!

Reply to lvmg: You will get there one day. I started sewing decades ago….lots of practice. 🙂


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