Happy Mother’s Day

Posted on: 13 May, 07

It’s Mother’s Day so I get to do what I want, right?  I had every intention of writing about our trip to San Francisco and the wonderful fabric I bought.  However, I am tired and anxious to cut into the new fabric I bought.  The guys gave me my gift before we left – new cd’s.  They wanted me to be able to load them on my MP3 player so I could listen to them on the flight.  My gift today was lots of help getting the luggage unpacked and the laundry done…without complaining.  🙂  I told them a clean house means more to me than flowers and candy.  Besides, we bought a great deal of candy in San Francisco.  (More about that later.)

The guys have banished me to the sewing room for the afternoon.  I know, what a “terrible” punishment.  🙂  I have cut out a top from my new fabric.  Hopefully it will be finished this evening and I can wear it tomorrow.  Stay tuned for the results!


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A clean house, no complaining and candy sound like a perfect day to me, too!

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