Swishy Skirt

Posted on: 15 May, 07

As soon as saw this pattern, I knew I had to make it.  Of course, deciding on the fabric and finding the time to do it slowed down the process considerably.  The skirt was finished a couple weeks ago, but, once again, getting around to taking a photo caused delays.  I have worn the skirt a couple times already.  It is so comfortable and easy to wear.

The pattern is easy to sew.  The fabric, however, was a different issue.  Silk charmeuse  loves to slide around.  The flared part of the gore puts the seam on the bias, which likes to stretch when it is sewn.  Zippers take a great deal of patience in silk charmeuse.  I starched the area and basted.  It was a pleasant surprise when the zipper went in nicely on the first try.  Bias tape was substituted for the waist band treatment because I did not have any petersham on hand.  The bias tape works just fine.

This pattern would work well with any fabric that has a soft drape, anything from silk to soft wools.  The same pattern piece is used to cut all ten gores.   Since there is no difference between the front and back, modifications would need to be made for someone who has a big difference between front and back.  The ten seam lines created by the gores gives one many opportunities to take in or let out the skirt in specific areas.  I would suggest basting the skirt first for a fitting session.  If you have difficult fitting issues, like a high hip or sway back, you could make a muslin from Swedish Tracing Paper to create different pattern pieces for different areas of your body.

I love the way skirt moves when I walk.  The flare of the gores make it easy to wear without the added volume of a wide skirt.  This is a pattern that can be used over and over again.


12 Responses to "Swishy Skirt"

So seriously — you make beautiful things — I adore this skirt. Absolutely adore it. It looks fantastic on you and I love those little shoes!

Great job!


Thta skirt is gorgeous – I love, love, love that fabric! Great work!

Beautiful skirt.

That’s a seriously cute skirt. I’ve never tried those patterns. Looks lovely on you.

Pretty! That pattern is on my “to do” list, so I’m glad to hear and see your success with it!

Really pretty — I bet that print goes with everything. . .

I just found you via Little Miss Sew N Sew, and, oh my goodness, I LOVE that skirt. You could not have picked a more appropriate fabric. And you cut it beautifully, so the bands of the fabric are continuous around. Fantastic. I’ll be back!

reply to thesecretpocket: Thank you for the lovely comment. Isn’t Little Miss Sew N Sew’s blog great fun to read? I love finding so many creative and fun people!

Gorgeous fabric! And what a wonderful pattern as well. found you thru Ottobre list.
? – do you find that the fabric is clingy or static -ish at all ?

reply to Catherine: Static is not a big problem in the humid summer months. I suspect, if I wear this in the cooler months, static could be a concern. Wearing a slip helps and I almost always wear a slip.

Fabulous job!!! Love the fabric choice.

Love it! Do you subscribe to Ottobre?

reply to Katie: Yes, I definitely subscribe to Ottobre. I would not want to miss a single issue. As a matter of fact, I practically stalk the mailman when a new issue is due. Because there are so many patterns in an issue, it is well worth the price.

So….pretty….must….sew….now! What issue #, if you don’t mind my asking? I love that all the gores are the same size! Well-sewn (and nice blog…I stumbled here via thesecretpocket’s silk tutorials)…thank you!

Reply: Thanks! The skirt is from the 02/07 issue of Ottobre Woman, design # 8. It was so easy to sew and it is definitely easy to wear.

Gorgeous. Gorgeous colors, fabric and pattern. Great work.

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