I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say No…..

Posted on: 7 June, 07

I have been doing “End of Grade Testing” every day for the last month.  That is enough to make one want to slit one’s wrists.  True, I could have said “no,” but I didn’t because I am glutton for punishment.  No, seriously, I hate End of Grading Testing so much that I will do anything I can to make the process less painful for those involved, including spending hours watching students fill in bubble sheets.  At this point, the only thing keeping me going is the knowledge that it will all be over Friday at 1:10 p.m.

Today, I hear from other students that certain teachers have students bring in snacks on the last day for a little celebration.  I don’t blame them one little bit.  I am substituting tomorrow and I am forever grateful to the teacher for planning an extremely day for me.  Of course, J and C each have one of these teachers.  I *love* these two particular teachers and would go to the ends of the earth for them.  However, I do fully admit that my first thought was “Oh great….now I have to cook something tonight.”  When I saw J’s Spanish teacher, I asked if there was something in particular she needed for their fiesta.  She said that during the class discussion of the fiesta, J commented, “My mom has been working too hard lately.  I don’t think I should ask her to do anything else.”  Awwwww… could I *not* cook something for him after that?  Then I find out that C voiced the same concern.  Double awwwwww….

So, this evening, despite having feet that feel like bricks from standing all day and brain that cannot connected two coherent thoughts, I have made cookies and muffins for 40+ students.  The boys helped a great deal.  C is close to being able to make the muffins all by himself.  (That will be a happy day for me!)  Why do I do this?  I do it because I have such sweet boys who genuinely appreciate all I do for them.  They totally get that I do things like make muffins not because I enjoy but because *they* enjoy it.  On the flip side, they have been known to drag through a fabric store because they know I enjoy it.  Quid pro quo can be a positive thing.

As soon as that last batch of muffins is done, I am falling into bed.  Tomorrow, we will all get through the last day of school.  There is a bit of good news.  I will subbing a few doors down from the Spanish teacher.  I hope to score some good snacks throughout the day.

Buenos Noches!


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