On the Border

Posted on: 10 June, 07

As soon as I saw this fabric in San Francisco, I knew exactly which pattern I would use. This is design #9 from the 02/06 issue of Ottobre Woman. Because the fabric is incredibly sheer, a light cotton muslin was used as lining. This is a summer skirt, so I did not want to use any sort of polyester lining. Besides, I already had muslin in my stash. 🙂 It sewed up quickly because pattern alterations had already been made. The yoked waistband is *so* comfortable. I used the rolled hem on the serger to keep everything as light as possible. Please forgive any wrinkles you might see in the photo. This was taken after subbing on the last day of school. I was lucky to make it out in one piece. Our temps loomed in the upper 90’s that day so cotton was definitely the way to go. The top matches slightly better in real life, but I want a chocolate brown top wear with it in the future.


5 Responses to "On the Border"

ooo…that’s pretty. Where is SF did you get that fabric? (just wondering if it was Britex)

What’s better than a simple yoked skirt in summer? Nothing! And it’s a perfect style for this fabric.

Simply gorgeous! The skirt falls so beautifully- great job.

That is a truly lovely skirt. I love throwing on a skirt for whatever – really makes people wonder what you’re up to! g

Teri, the skirt looks fantastic, and I just love that material. Great job.

The skirt is amazing!! What a great use for that fabric!

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