I Just Went in for Buttons

Posted on: 17 June, 07

I just went in for buttons, but came out with 74 yards and my morals still intact. “What is she babbling about now?” you might ask. I went to JoAnn’s to get buttons for Hubski’s Father’s Day shirt. I know, I know….it is unimaginable that there were not suitable buttons in my personal fabric store otherwise known as my sewing room. (Even J asked the question, “You honestly don’t have any buttons that would work?!?!”) My button supply is truly lacking for menswear.

JoAnn’s was having a big sale, just like they do every week. However, this week, they had items on sale that I needed, like buttons and interfacing. Found the buttons, looked at patterns, found the interfacing, and even found Hello Kitty flannel that the clerk marked down to 30 cents a yard because it was slightly damaged. (I am so hoping the discoloration comes out in the laundry. For 30 cents a yard, I am willing to take a chance.) There was also a pretty set of nesting baskets marked down from $50 to $14 and photo storage boxes for $1.50 each. I don’t actually print out photos, so the boxes will be used to store other things around the house. My shopping cart was overflowing.

Since the interfacing was 50% off and I like having an ample inventory in my personal fabric store, I picked up two bolts – a lightweight and a heavier weight for Hubski’s shirt collars and cuffs. Because the bolts were still wrapped in plastic, I saw no need to take them to the cutting counter. When the cashier rang up the first one, he scanned the barcode and 49 cents appeared on the receipt. For a brief second, I thought, “If I don’t say anything, he will let me walk out of here with 25 yards of interfacing for 49 cents.” Of course, I could not NOT say anything. Saying something came at a cost, more than just the added cost of the other 24 yards. The manager had to be called. The line of people behind me got longer and crankier. The manager and cashier were confused by the purchase of two entire bolts of interfacing. Error codes flashed and teeth gnashed. Several minutes later, everything was totaled. Then I began pulling out coupons, discount cards, and gift cards. There were audible groans from the masses. As I signed the credit card slip, I questioned the price the other people in line had paid for me to have a clear moral conscience. It would have been easier for all of them if I had just taken the whole bolt for 49 cents. As I reached for my keys, I found the stack of coupons I could not use in my purse. I passed them out to the people in line like consolation prizes.

I left with a clear conscience and a cheer from the crowd. I am not sure if they were cheering for the coupons or the fact that I finally finished my transaction.


4 Responses to "I Just Went in for Buttons"

74 yards?! Yikes! How many yards are on a bolt of interfacing? I don’t hink that should count as stash – it’s a notion, like thread!
And Yeah on the Hello Kitty fabric markdown!

reply to Sue in MD: one bolt was 25 yards, the other was 47, and then 2 yards of Hello Kitty. i definitely don’t count interfacing as stash. i like to keep a good supply on hand because it is annoying to run out. it was kismet that it went on sale because i was down to my last few inches of interfacing. we shall how long it takes me to use up all of this. 🙂

the Hello Kitty fabric is about to go in the laundry. let’s hope the discoloration comes out. i could have new lounge pants by this evening.

I went to that sale too, but didn’t come away with nearly as much as you did- Wow! I have a love/hate relationship with that store, but you just can’t beat those deals. My husband thinks it’s a total rip off because with sales like that and as often as they have them, it shows you how much of a mark-up they have.
Oh well, it’s all good.

Which Joann’s fabric store did you go to?

Tigard. It’s the closest to me so I can even walk to it if I have the time. Sometimes I just make myself walk so that I can’t buy alot to have to haul home. 🙂

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