Basic Goodness

Posted on: 28 June, 07

Gaylen asked about the simple white pants I wore with my “trippin fabric” top. The pattern is New Look 6354.

The beauty of this pattern is its simplicity. The sewing is easy and it is easy to wear. I have used this pattern countless times to make long skirts, short skirts, pants, and shorts. It works well with fairly stable knits and wovens. Oddly enough, for as many times as I have used this pattern, I have only one photo.

(Full story on the skirt is here.)

This is a great pattern for basics, which is probably why there are no photos. Basics seem to blah for photos. My absolute favorite pair of black pants is made from this pattern in a Liz Claiborne woven that Hubski bought at Vogue Fabrics in Chicago. The touch of lycra just adds to extreme comfort level. That reminds me….I need a new black skirt and there is still some of that black fabric in my stash…. hmmm, sounds like a new project to add to my list.


4 Responses to "Basic Goodness"

Hmmm – funny that. I have that pattern and have made a couple of skirts from it. Love it! I don’t think I’ve posted any pictures though. Thanks for updating the blog and posting about the pants. Now for the post on the swatch cards, please — g

Beautiful skirt, but I’m soooo partial to bright limey greens! Thanks for posting that – I have a couple of lovely stretch twill fabrics that might just fit the bill for this pattern.

I don’t want to sew. Don’t make me sew clothes. Please. Stop making really cute and adorable clothing. Please? Make something ugly — that’s what I remember about my clothes growing up. ::laughing::

Nice work, girlie!


I’m making a list for a trip to the fabric store this morning, since all of the white thread in the house has mysteriously disappeared.

So, of course, I need to get this pattern, too. And I need to get some lightweight interfacing, which reminded me of your trip to the store when you bought entire bolts of interfacing(that was you, right? or have I mixed up my sewing divas?). I think I’ll look at getting an entire bolt.

I’m starting to feel like I’m making the “Teri list” for the fabric store.

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