TX Tirade

Posted on: 12 July, 07

If my Palm TX was a boyfriend, we would have broken up a long time ago.  I have a low tolerance for being stood up.  With an extremely good (and plausible) reason, I might have let it go the first time.  A second time?!?!  Inconceivable.

My Palm TX stood me up again today.  Before J and I went to the library, I hot synced so my list of books to read would be up to date.  When we get to the library, I turn on my Palm and tap “Documents” only to be greeted with an endless reset loop.  Three soft resets finally allowed me to get to the applications menu, but every time I tried to open a document, it went back into a reset loop.  Had J not been standing right there and had I not been in a library, a tantrum might have occurred.  In my head, I had quite the spate of words.  It was not the first time it has stood me up.

I tried counseling.  As suggested by user forums, I have done countless hard resets and reloaded all the software.  Palm says the problem is third party software.  What is the point of having a PDA if you can’t use third party software?  I think my Palm TX is just a bad boy who cannot be reformed.

So, do I dump this bad boy who only shows up when he feels like it?  The problem is when it’s good, it is really good.  I feel like the belle of the ball by having so much data at my fingertips – a full calendar, so many phone numbers, driving directions and maps, emails, book lists, sewing stuff, photos, games, and so much more.  When the data is inaccessible, I feel like a wallflower pressing buttons in a vain attempt to get a response.

One option is start a new relationship with another PDA.  A friend almost convinced me to get Treo -a phone and a PDA all in one nifty gadget.  Do I risk the rejection again?  Am I jinxed when it comes to PDA’s?  I have broken two and this one treats me like someone’s ugly cousin from out of town.  How much more money do I pour into these gadgets?  The thought of going without a PDA sounds so austere, but I am tired of being ignored.


4 Responses to "TX Tirade"

Sounds like it needs a long vacation! The combo units are tempting, but I keep thinking what if I want to look up something on my PDA while I’m using the phone? Personally, I have given up my pda and gotten a spiral calendar/notebook and an iPod. One of my gadgets had to go and the pda lost. The only thing I miss is the address book!

reply to Sue in MD: i asked about being able to look up on the PDA while on the phone. my friend said he puts the call on speaker phone while he uses the PDA feature. the speaker phone was quite clear…..but don’t know if i would want everyone around being able to hear my conversation….

i know what you mean about too many gadgets. when we travel, i need to bring chargers for the cell phone, pda, and mp3 player. that’s just for me. dh has his cell phone and the boys have a mp3 player. then we usually have 2 laptops plus power cords. geesh, we need a suitcase just for gadgets. perhaps it is time to lighten my load, simplify my life.

i would definitely miss the address book. i have a zillion numbers in mine. it is amazing how many times i have needed one of those zillion numbers when i am out and about.

My friends with Treos have more trouble than I have with my TX – that and the sound quality is iffy at times, especially when using bluetooth to talk through your car. I have a personal philosophy – the more stuff you add to an appliance, the more likely it will have trouble.
Have you thought about using memos instead of documents? I don’t have any trouble with lists there in mine. I do this simply because I hate waiting for the documents to go to open up…

reply to Jill: i use memos for short lists. i prefer excel for longer lists so i can use the sort and find functions. i also frequently download word docs to my palm so i can edit them when i am waiting somewhere. without the ability to use “docs to go,” my palm is not all that useful for me.

the multi-gadget function of the treo does concern me. if one things fails, everything fails. the treo would also be too big to slip into my pocket. when i substitute, i don’t carry a purse into school because there is no place to lock it up. i carry a small tote with a book, a note book, and my lunch. anything of value needs to be on my person the whole day because i don’t want to tempt some middle schooler into stealing. my motorola razr is small enough to slip into a pocket…..the treo – not so much.

thanks for helping think this through….

Sounds like you need a pocketpc phone. My DH and I have them…there’s even POCKET EXCEL!

If you want to look up something while you’re on the phone, you simply do it. It doesn’t mean you have to hang up first…not if you use a headset like you’re supposed to. My PocketPC phone has a slide-out keyboard. We’ve had the tmobile MDAs around here for a couple years. I like the full keyboard. There are other brands of phone with the same capability…each of the major mobile service providers have them. If you download word to go, you can view and edit in Word on your ppc phone. I cannot say enough about this invention, and how it’s made my life so much easier. My DH travels so much (double travel today – we’re in Seattle for his SEA business trip while he’s in LA for the day) that some days we only communicate via text messaging and email…We couldn’t live without these phones now.

I urge you to look into replacing your palm with a PocketPC phone. We’ve had them for 3 years each and never a failure. All the info is synced back to our PCs so there’s never a loss of information either.

oh teri, i feel your pain!!!! i still have not made friends with my pda (a sony clie) since the whole lock up with listpro. at the same time my battery stopped holding a charge for more than an hour, so i am very leary of using it. since the clie is obsolete i can’t get a new battery, but do i get another, different pda? how long will the new one last? I am currently using a small notebook, and I find that i really like it. can’t play games (and i am seriously missing cubis), but my data is there when i need it. although, i don’t have nearly all the info stored as i used to…..

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