Naturally Ottobre

Posted on: 17 July, 07

I need to make friends with more people of childbearing age because I so enjoy making baby clothes. The boys’ taekwondo instructor recently became a dad for the second time. The baby will often “observe” the class from her little bouncer seat. Most of the time, she naps, but if she gets the least bit fussy, I am more than happy to entertain her. Naturally, I had to make her a dress, and, naturally, it had to be Ottobre.

From the 03/07 issue, I chose dress #1 and the matching bloomers, #2. The gathered area in the front was a little perplexing initially. Once I played with it for a minute, it became crystal clear. That little seam in the front was just begging for embellishment. I backed some satin ribbon with stabilizer and used a decorative stitch from my sewing machine. The hardest part was sewing on the tiny bits of satin ribbon. I added the ribbon trim at the center front, on each sleeve, and even put a little flower where the ribbon tie is attached to the back panel.

The fabric is a basic cotton that has been in my stash for years.

Here is a close up of the center front ribbon. You can click on the photo to see a larger view.

Here is a close up of the sleeve detail. The pattern called for the hem to be gathered. I made an inverted pleat instead. I am not sure how I got such a clear close up photo. My photography skills are slowly improving.


11 Responses to "Naturally Ottobre"

Very cute, teri. Love all your details.

I love the details too. I completely missed the gathered sleeve bit on Ella’s versin of this dress…I guess I was so excited about the whole thing. This is a very sweet dress. I especially like the decorated ribbons!

The decorated ribbons are a very nice touch – glam it up a bit! g

I love making baby clothes. Sort of like making doggie dresses. It’s quick, easy, and instant gratification. Plus, you get to experiment with creative details like you have done here. I love the little pink embellishments – especially on the sleeves. How darling.

Aw, just adorable! Makes me so want to have a little girl! LOL! you did a great job 🙂

That is soooo adorable!!! I know what you mean, I like it when people I know have babies so I can sew for them! 🙂

how adorable!!! I, too, just LOVE Ottobre!

if i could i’d have another bub for you to sew for 😉


…yet another wonderful outfit! I never tire of seeing your creations!

This is SO cute! You got me going on a whole search of Ottobre stuff on your site, flickr, Ottobre’s site… I’m inspired and overwhelmed. How advanced a seamstress do I need to be before I dare order a copy?

very cute, i am sure she likes it.

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