04/07 Design #3

Posted on: 21 July, 07

There are many cute things in the Autumn 2007 issue of Ottobre. Sadly, there is nothing in my boys’ sizes. I had a bit of batik leftover from a skirt that I will blog about very, very soon. Design #3 seemed like the perfect choice. It took me longer to trace and cut out than it did to sew. The cutting took a little longer because I wanted to utilize some of the border print of the batik. There was not quite as much fabric leftover as I thought so it took a bit of finagling to make it work. I think I will give this one to the art teacher for her 10 month old daughter.

As with all Ottobre, the dress goes together easily. I used buttons for the back closure instead of a zipper. The fabric needs to be very soft and supple because the hem circumference is around 72 inches. That is a lot of skirt for the little girl. However, I bet it has great twirlability. The ribbon trim at the bodice edge was omitted because the fabric is busy enough all by itself.

Edit: I keep referring to this fabric (in real life and in my mind) as a batik. It really isn’t, but the correct description escapes me. Fabrix had it labeled as “batik” so that sticks in my head. Can someone help with my middle age memory issue?


10 Responses to "04/07 Design #3"

Gorgeous! I hope the little one likes it–I know her mother will.

Wow, that’s really cute! Good job!

Oh, that is absolutely delicious! Is this a woven or a knit fabric? And did you applique the border onto the bodice? Gorgeous, creative work!

Reply to Juliane: The fabric is a cotton woven. The border on the bodice is part of the fabric design. The tricky part was trying to get the border where I wanted it because there was so little fabric left. Originally, I thought about using that border area in the skirt, but there definitely was not enough for that. In the end, I think I like this better.

Thank you for the lovely compliment. I really enjoy sewing baby things because I feel I can be a little daring with design.

I really, really like this dress. It’s so refreshing to see little child dresses and clothes made in non-cartooney prints. This is just like what someone might find in an upscale childrens clothing store – don’t you think? 🙂 Fab job! How satisfying, I’m sure.

I don’t know what it is but it’s completely beautiful. What an amazing dress!

This is SO gorgeous. Your fussy-cutting was worth the effort. I’ll need to make this for my (almost) 10-month old girl 🙂

What a beautiful dress–the fabric is gorgeous


Well it may not be a batik, but my son brought me a sari called “batik” from bali…a womens craft business group in the hills above Bali..In fact that piece of fabric may have saved his life.. the night before he had visited the Paddys bar that was bombed the following evening. He had traveled to this village because he had been told that is where he would find “beautiful fabric for his mom”

sorry meant to say it looks very similar in design…will e mail you a pic if you wish

Beautiful dress. It does look like a batik.

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