Gadget Girl on the Road

Posted on: 2 August, 07

A good gadget always makes my day. This one could possibly make my week, especially since I have to stay off my knee for a bit longer. Our beach resort has set up a web cam for the pools and the beach. Guests can log on and control the web cam. I am sitting in our room and watching Hubski and the boys on the beach. How cool is that?

You only get control of the cam for two minutes at a time. It is easy to tell who has control of the cam. Guys are zooming in on girls in bikinis. Moms are zooming in on little ones at the pool. You can even snap photos during your web cam session. Here is one I took of my guys on the beach. If you click on the photo, it will take you to my Flickr album where have highlighted which little blobs are mine. 🙂

The knee is better today. Walking on nice, flat, smooth surfaces is not too bad. Walking on sand causes too much strain. 😦 The bruises now looks tie dyed with shades of purple and yellow.

4 Responses to "Gadget Girl on the Road"

What is the URL for the cam? 🙂

Ouch! Sorry to hear about the knee, but at least you can rest it in nice surroundings!

Glad your knee is better today.

Sorry to hear about your knee. At least you are at the beach. I must have some hidden mermaid in me too because I crave ocean sounds and sand. 🙂 Enjoy some for me, will you? (Love the web cam idea.)

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