Wild Things

Posted on: 6 August, 07

We recently had the opportunity to visit a wild animal preserve for tigers and apes.  I had a horrible allergic reaction, but it was so worth it to hold this adorable little guy.  His fur was sooooo soft and those eyes just captivated me.

The baby tiger was a little more intimidating.  She was smaller than her 700 pound daddy, but the claws and teeth looked plenty sharp to do some damage.  Baby tigers are heavy!   We were able to be within a few feet of the adult tigers, separated by heavy glass, of course.  Being that close gave us a real appreciation for their size.  Seeing them at a distance in the zoo skews the perspective.  Their paws are enormous.  And when he yawned…..oh my….what a mouth!


6 Responses to "Wild Things"

Very neat. My kids would love that.

We had a couple of full grown white tigers visit our local Natural History museum a few years back. They were really fun to watch…except when they started tracking the little kids that walked by. That was kind of freaky.

What an amazing experience! That really looks cool. Sorry to hear about the allergic reaction, though.

So cool! (And nice to put a face to your name and emails!) Was the baby tiger as plush-y soft as he looks?

reply to Sue in MD: the baby tiger was not really soft. the fur was very thick, but rather coarse. i still wanted to snuggle her a bit longer.

I was able to hold a baby white tiger when I was in South Africa a few years ago. We also were able to hold the baby tigers like the one your family is enjoying above. The white tiger was only a week or two old whereas the others were the size of the one you fed. It is amazing how quickly they grow!

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Wow, that is so cool!! Great to see you guys!! Glad you caught up with me on IM!!

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