Anthropologie Pants

Posted on: 16 August, 07

RTW never fits me, but that does not stop me from looking at RTW for inspiration. Anthropolgie has become one of my favorite sites. The clothes have lots of interesting details and mixed patterns without being totally weird. Even if the clothes did come in my size, the price tags are definitely not my size.

For some reason (probably user error), I cannot get the image of the Anthropologie pants on WordPress. Here is a link to the Hammock Cropped Pants. If anyone knows how to capture images from the Anthropologie site, please let me.

I liked the casual effect of the topstitching on these pants. The little ribbon on the back pocket is a nice detail. The slight low rise works well for someone as short waisted as I am. The $58 price tag was not very attractive.

Normally, I would not wear my top tucked in, but I wanted to show the waist detail.

Design #16 from Ottobre 02/07 has the same wide contoured waist. The challenge was figuring out the proportions for the pockets. I zoomed in as much as possible on the computer monitor. In the end, it was a matter of experimenting with different size paper templates for the pockets. Ok, please don’t stone me for this next statement… Having a small hip region makes pocket sizing tricky. If I make the pockets large enough to be functional, then the pockets look out of proportion to the hip area. (I also have rather large hands for my size, so many pockets can be a tight squeeze for me.) While these pockets are not big enough to carry a ton of stuff, they are just big enough to accommodate a skinny cell phone or few dollars.

I made my usual alterations for Ottobre patterns. The front waistband was extended to mimic the inspiration pants. I went with two buttons instead of three for better proportion for my size. Also, three buttons seemed like a lot to deal with when I am teaching and have only two minutes for a bathroom break. The fabric is a soft brushed cotton twill that has been in my stash for years.



The final analysis – love the pants. They are comfortable to wear. While slightly dressier than jeans, they are casual enough to wear every day. I might make another pair from baby cord for winter.


EDIT: Karen, a very kind fellow blogger, was able to capture these images and send them to me. It is appears Anthropolgie has changed the way they post images on their website. Anyway, here are the pants that inspired my project.

Hammock Pants from AnthropologieHammock Pants from Anthropologie


8 Responses to "Anthropologie Pants"

Now those are *cute*! Like Anthropologie’s. Love your version!

Those are really cute Teri!

Fantastic, teri, love your version. Anthropologie use to let you right click and get to properties. I could not do this the other day.

Reply to Lori: sorry it didn’t work for you, but glad to know it’s not just me. 🙂 i am still such a novice when it comes to graphics and photos. thanks for the compliment on the pants. i think i need a top like your “sidetracked” top to go with these pants.

Great pants. Anthropologie recently changed their site to not use static images, but an embedded feature that lets you zoom, etc. Long story short, you can use a screen capture program to grab the screen you are viewing and then crop to the picture you want. I’m on a Mac and use Grab, since it comes with the OS. If you’re on a PC, I know there are various free and shareware options out there, and there might be something built-in these days – maybe someone else will chime in. If you google screen capture software you should be able to find something.

reply to Laura: thank you for posting this! i *knew* other people had done it and figured it was my own ignorance of all things graphic. i am quite confident with word processing and spreadsheets, but digi photos and graphics are still a mystery to me. i shall begin the quest for a screen capture program. it is entirely possible i already have one and don’t know it. 🙂 the boys and hubski can help me with that.

Here’s how you do it on a PC:

Press “PrntScrn”
Go to Paint or some other photo editing software
Paste the screen capture into the software (I use Ctrl V in case right clicking doesn’t work)
Crop it to be just the pants
Save as xxx.jpg
Upload it into an online photo service

Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow. Those pants are so cute! I want a pair!

I like those. They look exactly like them!

Those look FABULOUS! Really — great job!

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