Fall Fashions

Posted on: 17 August, 07

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Despite triple digit temperatures, I am looking at the new patterns for the fall season. Overall, I am unimpressed. However, Vogue has several gorgeous new designs. I do not know how many I will actually sew because I have so many more ideas than time. There are a few that, notwithstanding the great design, are simply not right for my lifestyle. I will keep those patterns on my list just in case an invitation from the queen appears in my mailbox.

#2980 – If there is not a sale on Vogue Patterns soon, I may have to pay regular price for it. The long sleeve version is totally fab. I even have a great fabric in my stash. (Imagine that….I have the perfect fabric already in my stash….) My only fear is that the wide neckline will reveal bra straps. I so don’t want to wear a strapless.


#2983 – This is a fantasy pattern. I cannot think of one event I have attended in the last few years that required, or could even tolerate, an outfit like this. However, should the queen call, this jacket would be mine. The ribbing on the cuffs would have to go. The collar is sooooo pretty and would hide my lack of a bustline. The skirt is rather snazzy too.




#2987 – I do not wear a lot jackets, but the back seaming on this one is sensational. The front stance is too high for my taste. I wonder if I could take the back and put it on a different jacket front? Hmmmm….. things to ponder.



#8408 – Here is another one that is not exactly in step with my lifestyle. I have a pattern for a knit top with a similar collar that is very flattering. This is another one that I will keep on my list. Ok, let’s be honest. I will probably never get to it, but maybe…..



#8417 – Oh so much love for this dress but absolutely no place to wear it. Yes, I could make it in a more casual fabric, but it longs to be made in silk so the skirt swishes with that lovely silk swish sound. Those curvy seams would dreadful to fit and sew, but entirely worth it. If the fabric had an iridescence think of how the light would play with the drapes and folds.



#8426 – The seams are this skirt take the simple pencil skirt to a whole new level.


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