All This Without Caffeine

Posted on: 1 September, 07

By all accounts, I should still be sleeping. I never outgrew that infancy stage of needing to eat every 4 hours. Ravenous hunger awakened me before day break. Yesterday’s activities should have me collapsed from exhaustion, but they also worked up quite an appetite. It’s hard to sleep when your stomach sounds like you swallowed a roaring lion. So, I am up before dawn having a pre-breakfast snack before I make our traditional Saturday morning cinnamon rolls. No, I do not make them from scratch. They come from a can because I am not Betty Crocker. We are not a very traditional family, but cinnamon rolls on Saturday morning is etched in stone.

Silly me thought I would not be called to substitute the first week of school. Yesterday, I subbed for a special ed teacher. Another teacher’s child became ill at daycare, so I gave up my planning periods to cover her classes. Despite the back to back class schedule, it was fun to see the students again. It also gave me a chance to see the new 6th graders who moved up from the elementary school.

After school, Hubski and I painted my new sewing room. Trading Spaces has nothing on us. Over the years, we have become quite an efficient team for painting a room. The paint color is called “Oh So Pink” and it is gorgeous. I am teasing the boys that it is Hello Kitty pink. It is actually a very soft shade of rose. I never had a girly room. Growing up, I never lived one place long enough to justify unpacking, much less decorating. I was happy to have a bed. So, in this household full of males, this will be my girly haven.

As if that were not enough for one day, after a quick dinner, I spent 3 hours at the dojo. I got my orange belt, no longer a total newbie. A sixteen year old girl tested for her black belt. Wow! She was very impressive. She broke boards with her hands and feet. She fought off two black belt guys simultaneously. She showed skill with weapons. I pity the boy who tries to get too fresh with her. I might be 102 before I can test for my black belt. I wonder if they take points off because you use a walker?

What’s on the agenda for today? Moving all of my sewing equipment to the new room and setting up the training room. Oh, and let’s no forget, “keeping my fingers crossed that the Ottobre Woman shows up today.”


5 Responses to "All This Without Caffeine"

Whoa. Those are actually my favorite kinds of days — when you’re wound up and can take on herculean tasks with nary a worry.

I think a walker wielding black belt gramma sounds terrifying! ::laughing::

Can’t wait to see some snaps of that Hello Kitty girliegirl room! Too awesome! Think of all the amazing girlie things you’ll be able to make for yourself…


xo Tam

I cannot wait to see the hello kitty sewing room either! We have to wait until the Salvation Army comes to tote away some furniture (including my sewing room futon) before we can paint mine a mocha brown (fume-free paint cans already sitting in the room, expectantly awaiting its starring role in the room)

I also look forward to seeing what kind of configuration you cook up. I was browsing through the new IKEA catalog today and have picked out more shelves than my 12×12 room will hold.


I’d love to see the girly room too.

I want to paint my basement but don’t feel like spending extra money. Having never done a project like this myself…can you give me some tips as to the best and easiest way to do this????

Reply to Inca: the hardest part of painting is the prep work and the prep work is the most important. if the walls are not clean and smooth, the paint won’t adhere properly. basements are extra tricky because of the moisture issues. having never lived in a house with a basement, i am not sure of the best method to prep the walls. this house is only 5 years old so the walls are good shape. that makes the whole project go much easier. 🙂

i recommend checking out a few home improvement books from the library. another resource is the websites of the DIY networks, like HGTV and TLC. with a basement, i would not skimp on the paint products.

good luck!

Sounds like a great day! 🙂 We have food traditions here too; our favorite is Friday night pizza.

Congratulations on the orange belt. . .and the pink room. Looking forward to seeing updated sewing room pictures once you get all settled.

Will you and Hubski come up and paint my sewing room? 🙂 Mine will be girly “Playful Petal”!

reply to Sue in MD: if you were a tad closer, we just might. 🙂 “playful petal” sounds very pretty!

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