Ottobre 02/07 #13

Posted on: 8 September, 07

This is a case of good pattern, but poor fabric choice. The pattern is #13 from the 02/07 issue of Ottobre Woman. My impatience caused me to rush the design process. The pattern works best with a soft fabric that drapes easily. My fabric was somewhat firm cotton. The seaming should be subtle. My use of contrasting fabric just missed the mark. I think it would look better in one fabric, preferably something without a directional print. The lower pieces are cut on the bias, causing a directional print to be skewed at awkward angles.

I don’t hate the skirt, but I don’t love it either. The fit is perfect. With a different fabric choice, I would love it. I wanted to make this pattern and I was anxious to use this fabric. In hindsight, two projects would have been a wiser choice – a different pattern for this fabric and a different fabric for this pattern.


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I am trying to begin sewing. I sewed (many, many) years ago but gave up because I couldn’t adjust the patterns to fit properly. Now, to help my daughter find clothes that actually fit her, I am ready to try again.

I like this skirt and think it would be a good candidate. But, I have only ever sewn the Big Pattern companies (e.g. Simplicity, McCalls, etc).

How/Where could I find this pattern?

reply to Inca: the skirt pattern is from the Ottobre Woman magazine. each issue includes several designs and all of the patterns in multiple sizes. if you go to and click on “english,” you will see where to order magazines or subscribe. the fit is really wonderful on these patterns.

Teri, I have been there done that. Your skirt is pretty but I bet your next one will be fabulous – have you started it?

reply to Lori: not only have i not started a new skirt, i have not started anything! it has been crazy since school started. the calls for subbing jobs are non-stop. the extra money is nice, but i miss my sewing time.

I kinda like it, but I guess it really matters that you like it. 😉

I really like it. The seamline is very interesting and obscure….really cool. It looks as if you’ve appliquéd some of the motifs of the purple fabric up into the middle section, it really fools the eye. And is that a scalloped seam at the top? See? It’s really interesting the way it is!

reply to Dawn: the scallops and flowers are all part of the fabric, appliquéing on my part. thank you for the encouragement! perhaps i shall wear it tomorrow and see if it appeals to me more.

I like the way it looks flat, but would have to see it on you (only the one flat picture is coming up for me). If you’re sewing, does that mean the new room is complete? How about some photos of your girly pink room? g

reply to Gaylen: alas, this was made before the sewing room transition. the room is mostly complete. it is functional, but i have not had time to sew lately. i need new curtains and shelves, which will have to wait until i have time to shop. i will try to get a few photos before i turn it into a pig sty. 🙂

I like it, too. Please let us know how it wears.

It’s a cute skirt and should look good on you especially if the fit is perfect. Looks like it would be fun to wear with a tank top and sandals for a casual look. Happy Stitching!

I think it’s lovely. I like how the flowers seem to be sprouting from the purple print.

And please, do tell how you reply to people’s comments! What a cool function; I normally just add another comment.


I really like this skirt…perhaps you’ll like it more when you are wearing it and there is some “movement”.


I agree, it looks great flat. We’d have to see it on…I really like the fabs.

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