Soft Sculpture

Posted on: 15 September, 07

As part of her soft sculpture class, Ms V, the art teacher, wants to teach the class about "soft sculpture."  Ms V asked if I would share my sewing knowledge.  It has been great fun spending wasting spending countless hours looking at websites and books about making "softies" and "plushies."  There are some incredibly cute things being made.  I have about a zillion more projects on my "to do" list.

Since we will have only two adults for almost 30 students, careful planning is essential.  We have talked about how to prepare materials and present techniques so the students can spend as much time as possible creating.  My boys volunteered to be test subjects.  Working through the project with them was very illuminating.  They asked questions and encountered issues that Ms V and I had not considered. 

It was a fun afternoon.  I always find it fascinating to watch students go through the creative process.  Here are the boys’ final products.  Everything was sewn by hand because we won’t have access to sewing machines at school.  We did not spend a great deal of time on designing or executing.  The goal was to quickly move the process to figure out what steps were missing from the lesson plan.  Ms V did not finish hers (yet) because she was too busy taking notes.  I cannot wait to see what the class produces in the Spring.

The green one was inspired by a foot with lint between the toes.  Ewww, I know.  The red one was inspired by J’s affection for cephalopods. 

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3 Responses to "Soft Sculpture"

Good for your boys – great to see these! That foot one reminds me of some cartoon. It totally is escaping me now what it was from. The cephalopod-like character reminds me of the pacman ghosties….
There is a really cool book that is my daughter’s fav for making beanie babies of her own design – she just loves it. Soft Animals A to Z is the name of that, but she walked by and told me her NEW fav is Sock and Glove.
Good luck with the class!

Your boys are certainly creative. The “foot” reminds me of a distorted “Sponge Bob” or something from The Simpsons. The other one looks like something from under a microscope. Today, my DD and I had a fun shopping trip to Hancock Fabrics. We bought some patterns at 99 cents plus some appliques for her T-shirts. She plans to take them back to college with her. The class sounds like a lot of fun. You should check out Beth H’s website at The Rusty Bobbin Inklings as she has done some wonderful soft sculpture dolls. I especially liked her doll “Lenny”. Good luck with the class and have lots of fun being creative.

Reply to Marty: yes, beth’s lenny is positively adorable! we will not be attempting anything nearly that complicated. πŸ™‚

Those look like so much fun!

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