Posted on: 22 September, 07

…..Polo. No, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth. I have merely fallen into the bottomless abyss of work and maternal duties. One would think work would be slow for a substitute teacher at the beginning of the school year. When I got called before the end of the first week of school, I should have recognized that as an omen. I have been called to work almost every single day. Teachers have asked me to hold dates for them all the way into April. It is nice to be wanted. For the sake of my sanity, I need to start being a little more selective. However, it is hard to say “no” when I have students tell me, in front of their friends, that they are happy to have me as their teacher for the day.

Working all day would be manageable if my evenings were not consumed with meetings and places to be. Friday was the first evening in the last two weeks that I was actually at home. Having Hubski in town on a regular basis would help too. At least the international travel has lightened up a bit….for now. Of course, we cannot forget the boys’ extra curricular activities. It gets complicated when I am the only one in the house with a driver’s license.

Sewing? Hmmm, I started Vogue 2980. There are some issues that I need to think about, but it does not look promising. Photos of the new sewing space? All I can say is “it is on the list.” The list is long, but I will get to it.

The jury is still out on the Nokia N75. The first day, the battery drained in a nanosecond despite a full charge cycle. It is doing better on the second charge, but I have been too busy to make a lot of phone calls. Today, I got a microSD card and earphones for the music player feature. This will be the true test of the battery life. Transferring the music to the card and getting the music player to find the card was not as intuitive as syncing with Outlook. The sound quality is good enough for me. It may not meet the high expectations of true audiophile, but I am not that picky. This will be awesome for planning periods or when I wait for the boys during Kali Salat.

Speaking of ways to entertain myself during Kali Salat, Hubski got a data card to make better use of the time he spends sitting in airports….or on the tarmac. (Last week, he spent over 4 hours on the tarmac when his flight was diverted to Fort Hood.) This week, their class was much more productive for me with the data card and my laptop. It is sad to think how much the data card will help Hubski. He spends wastes so much time sitting in airports that he would get too far behind in email on travel days. He is living proof of the “mobile office” model.

Keep your fingers crossed that the battery life on my new phone proves viable. Having music, my calendar, and a phone all on one gadget will make my workday so much better.

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