Project Tantrum

Posted on: 29 September, 07

I had a major tantrum this morning.  Why is it that everyone’s projects somehow become *my* projects?  Between the two boys, there are three major school projects on the agenda.  As of next week, it will be 5, but we will cross that bridge next week. 

“Mom, where would I find information on _______?”

“Mom, the printer is out ink.  Where is a new cartridge?”  (If I am lucky, there is one in the closet so I don’t have to run to Staples.)

“Mom, can you proof read this for me?”

“Mom, what do you think the teacher wants for this?”

The list goes on and on.

I will go on the record as stating I hate school projects.  As a teacher, I understand the educational value of *some* projects.  Others are designed to merely torture parents and to keep the poster board industry chugging along.  Group projects are truly evil because they require parents to shuttle the students to someone else’s house. 

When Hubski does a project around the house, it isn’t any different.  Apparently one must have ovaries to be capable of finding anything in this house.  Hubski can fly all over the world deftly solving the dilemmas of multi-gazillion dollar clients, but is incapable of doing anything at home with asking me 53 questions. 

If anyone in this house is working on a project, I can venture no more than 10 feet away before I am reeled back in to answer another question.  Yet, when I want to start a project, like folding the mountain of laundry, they scatter like cockroaches when the light flicks on. 


6 Responses to "Project Tantrum"

Now that DD is in college 100 miles away, I thought my days of answering questions and keeping up with projects were over. NOT! She emails me papers to proof for her and calls daily with questions on “how do I …”. Yes, Mothers are definitely needed here. DH’s response is to “ask Mother” when DD asks him questions. If something needs to be found, only Mother knows where it is. However, it is a comforting feeling to be needed. You have my empathy.

LOL! I can totally relate to this — except I’d add that I can’t leave either the 15 year old or the SO’s line of sight during project time.

Ugh. I hate it too…

I’m with you, I hate school projects! Generally, I leave them to the kids and try not to get involved in them. It is supposed to be the kids doing the work, not the parents, yet when you look at the projects a lot of them have “parent” written all over them.

I also am the family encyclopedia, secretary and operator. Not only “where is this and that?” But “when is my appointment” and “what’s on tv tonight?” and “I need a birthday gift – tomorrow.” Like I’m a personal assistant to everyone in the house. It would never even occur to anyone else to make plans for a b’day or schedule a dental appt. It can be very exasperating.

I can relate to all of you! It’s the same in every house with a mother. You help them with their projects and they scatter when you need help with one of yours that is created by them (like the laundry). Heaven help you if you want to do a project of your own!! g

What’s funny is a close friend (female) talks about how she’s seen as incompetent when it comes to home repair, etc. because she doesn’t have a “degree” (male paraphernalia). And two seconds later, she’s in demand because of her ovaries!

Oh well, at least you can’t say you’re not needed!

ROTFLOL! I loved your comment about needing ovaries to find anything! That is SO TRUE around here! DH complains that DS is too dependent on me, but he just doesn’t look in the mirror!

My mother said once that when the wife dies, the widower remarries fairly quickly, but when the husband dies the widow doesn’t! I thought it wierd at the time, but now I can sort of understand. She’s been a widow for 24 years and has only had one date.

Hang in there!

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