Isn’t it Ironic

Posted on: 4 October, 07

The Spanish teacher asked me to sub for her while she is in Mexico next week.  Do I speak Spanish?  No, not enough to teach her upper level classes.  It is virtually impossible to find a sub who can actually teach a foreign language.  The teacher feels the next best thing is to have a sub who knows the students and has classroom management skills.

To avoid a week of worksheets, she decided to assign….you guessed it…. A PROJECT!!!  So, I, the hater of school projects, will be supervising over 100 students’ projects.  Both of the my boys are in her classes which means they have yet another project.  As much as I hate school projects, this one is not so bad.  She has several different projects from which to choose.  Some of them could be really fabulous in the hands of the right students.  There will be ample class time and resources provided.  Depending on the project chosen, almost all of it could be completed at school if one makes good use of their time.  I will make sure my boys make good use of their time in class.  😉

Even though my boys are not in the same class, the teacher is allowing them to be partners.  It means C will be held accountable to the rubric for J’s higher level class, but it won’t kill him to do a bit extra.  This would not work with many siblings, but we think the boys will really enjoy it.  J is very meticulous and orderly.  He has already drawn up a schedule for when various stages of the project will be completed.  He will make sure every accent mark is perfectly placed.  C is the visionary, the one with creative flair. He will make sure it is visually appealing and that their project is totally different than anyone else in the class.  They are a great team because their skills compliment each other so well.


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