Bruised Ego or Knee?

Posted on: 6 October, 07

At taekwondo, we were practicing take downs. You are flat on your back and your partner straddles you on his knees as he is punching at your face. The objective is to block his punches, restrain his arms and throw him to the mat so you can get up and kick the daylights out of him. In practice, there is no real contact. We don’t want to hurt our partners, just develop the kinesthetic memory so we could throw and kick the daylights out of a real attacker. Clearly, my significantly larger partner and I messed somehow because he landed on my knee, the “still bruised from getting slammed in a car door” knee.

I hopped over to a bench to quickly apply ice and elevate. During a water break, everyone came over to check on me. A boy of about 1o seemed quite rattled by an injury at the dojo. This boy often has an unusual line of reasoning, so it can be fun to get him going.

Me: No worries, it will be fine. Things like this happen when you get old.

Boy: But you aren’t old.

Me: What makes you think I’m not old?

Boy: You don’t have to dye your hair yet.

Me: How do you know I don’t dye my hair yet?

Boy: You have way too many grey ones.

At that point, he zipped off to class again, leaving me wondering if I was just complimented or insulted.


4 Responses to "Bruised Ego or Knee?"

I should have known better than read about something a kid said with my mouth full of tea! Too funny! Thanks for the giggle.

I’m sorry to read about your injuried leg. I hope it will be o.k. soon 😉

Today I was in the locker room after my TKD class and one 10-years-old girl approached with a friend, same age. The first one asked me where my high school was. The second told her: “How can you ask her that, she is SO adult!”. OMG! What does that mean? I’m not even 30! LOL

So, I think I can understand your broken ego too, LOL

Have a nice recovery and a nice week!

As they would say in Scotland – “Grey hair’s better than nae hair!” (nae is the Scots word for no)

Recover well.

sounds like the bruised ego was worse, at least you know your leg will heal!

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