Weirdness Comes in Three’s

Posted on: 24 October, 07

It has been a weird week. I know, it’s only Wednesday, but it feels like Friday. First of all, I have only worked one day this week. I did not even get a phone call this morning. The sub line starts calling at 6:30 am. When my phone was still silent at 7:00 am, I checked to make sure it was working. Yesterday was a different story. They were very short on subs, but I was busy begging my doctor for antibiotics. After a dreadfully slow trip to the pharmacy, I curled up in bed and waited for the antibiotics to do their trick. (feeling blissfully better today) There is a chance I could get called in for tomorrow, but maybe not. It is the last day of the first quarter so teachers are scrambling to collect missing assignments from students. The teachers have to submit their grades by the end of the day on Friday, which is a teacher workday. Woohoo! It feels weird to have only worked one day this week.

The second weird thing is rain. We are in an “extreme drought.” Last week, I took the “back roads” to avoid interstate traffic at rush hour. I knew I had to cross a very large lake, the lake that supplies most of the water for the area. When I saw a sign that read “no fishing off bridge, I realized that I was on the bridge that crosses the lake, but there was no water. It was very creepy to see land where so much water once stood. Obviously, we have not seen rain around here in ages. For the last 3 days, the weather men have been squealing like little girls because rain was in the forecast. Lo and behold, it rained today. While today’s rain was fabulous, it didn’t even put a dent in the drought. It felt weird to drive in the rain. It felt weird to hear the rain.

Lastly, I finally sewed! Don’t get too excited. It wasn’t cute baby clothes or pretty tops for me. I am making costumes. Not Halloween costumes or even costumes for my own children. For a week in November, our school celebrates “Global Connections.” Homerooms prepare displays about different countries. Students can come to school in ethnic garb. There is lots and lots of food. There is also an evening of performances by the students. You guessed it, the students need costumes. It is quite as overwhelming as the folk dance festival in elementary school where all 500-600 students needed a costume. At the middle school level, the students audition and the groups are much smaller. I am making eyelet aprons for a group doing a dance from France. Technically, the aprons are suppose to be lace, but eyelet is cheaper and will last longer so the costumes could be used again next year. As sewing jobs go, this one is simple and mundane, but the students will be so pleased. It felt weird to sit down at the sewing machine.


3 Responses to "Weirdness Comes in Three’s"

I’m down in West Central GA and we’re finally getting rain here too. The ‘Hooch’ is LOW! It’s weird and muddy looking.

Come sub in our county, we’re ALWAYS short on subs!

We’ve had a week of rain so far and we need more as we are over 18 inches below our normal rainfall for the year. TN is one of those extreme drought states. Am so glad that you had a chance to spend some time with your machines. Doesn’t it feel great even if the project is mundane?!!!

The drought situation is scary here. “They” are saying we may only have three months more of drinking water. And all this rain isn’t making a dent in it.

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