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Posted on: 30 October, 07

Apparently this news has been floating around the internet since August.  Nonetheless, it is still exciting to me.

Simplicity has teamed with Project Runway for a pattern line.  From what I can tell, the patterns will be more “fashion forward” with an emphasis on mixing and matching pattern pieces so “you can be the designer.”  This is nothing to me, but I am still excited about anything that might encourage others to sew.  Besides, I am a fan of all things Project Runway. 🙂

The press release said the patterns would be out in the fall or early 2008.  There was nothing about Project Runway on the Simplicity site.  However, I did stumble upon something else interesting.   To attract the teen market, there is a new line called “The Gretchen Collection.”  Thus far, the collection consists of one pattern which includes several pieces.  The pieces are designed for knits which wear well, however, can be challenging to sew for the novice.  I want to peek at the instruction sheets to see the recommended techniques.  With this pattern and a good source of knits, a teen girl could create an awesome wardrobe.

2 Responses to "Sewing News"

Isn’t is exciting, teri. I interviewed Deborah from Simplicity in September and she shared this news on my podcast. I think it is great publicity for sewing.

Reply to lori: ah! clearly i am behind on listening to podcasts. 🙂 can’t wait to see the new line of patterns.

I’m a HUGE Project Runway fan! Woo hoo!

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