Sew Much Better

Posted on: 10 November, 07

Sorry for the less than cheery post yesterday.  Today was a better day.  Some friends came over to watch the Michigan-Wisconsin game.  I am not a sports fan in the least.  However, I am a fan of good snacks and good friends, even if it means giving up a Saturday afternoon of sewing.  We spent the morning preparing snacks – spice cake, fudge, guacamole, salsa, and chips.  I love the way the house smells when I bake spice cake.  The Wisconsin people brought yummy cheese and smoked sausage.  The general consensus was we all needed an afternoon of doing nothing more taxing than laying on the sofa and eating unhealthy, but tasty, food.

I exceeded my daily sewing goal by a healthy margin, which is more than I can say for the Michigan team and their relationship with the goal line.  My jacket is coming along nicely.  The sleeves are quite flared, so I am toying with a design change.  I need to try it on with something other than sweats to see if I really like the sleeves the way they are.  It definitely needs to be shortened.


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As a die-hard Michigan fan, all I can say is, atleast Ohio State lost.

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