Posted on: 15 November, 07

During Global Connections week, the students are encouraged to dress in traditional costumes for various regions of the world.  Today was Europe Day.  C, who adores studying Latin, wanted to wear a toga.  I pulled out a few yards of white muslin, wrapped up the boy, and secured it all with safety pins.  It wasn’t sewing but I was glad I had some white muslin hanging around.  C topped it off with a laurel wreath for a smashing ensemble.

I had planned to wear my princess dress, but I had to attend a meeting for a school board committee.  This was a district wide meeting with the superintendent and several school board member present, as well some representatives from the community.  I thought, perhaps, the pink princess dress might diminish my air of professionalism just a tad.  Instead, I wore the “magic dress” with my trench coat, black boots, and a wide black belt.  I so need to wear this more often because the attention is quite an ego boost.  The day was a whirlwind of meetings, classes, and preparing for the exhibition evening for Global Connections. After a quick dinner, we will head back to school….C in his toga, me in my princess dress.  It will be a long, loud, and lively evening.

Don’t think that I forgot about my sewing commitment.  I sewed one seam on the jacket lining and repaired the hem on J’s pants.   I thought about counting C’s toga, but that was just pinning.  🙂


1 Response to "Sew….Roman?"

Oh, that sounds like a fun time! We’ve done the toga thing here for Saturnalia with the Junior Classical League. Magistre also requires the students to make and wear a pillaeus. It was quite fun to see my then-15-year-old son sew his and then sew up two more, one for each of the female friends he had over.

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