Sew Glad it is Friday!

Posted on: 16 November, 07

I covered for the Academically Gifted Coordinator today for the 8th grade “Science Friday” seminars.  On Monday, the students are given an article or two to read.  On Friday, they meet with the AG Coordinator to discuss the article.  I *love* classes where the students have to share their thoughts because adolescents think they know everything.  Even the very intelligent students have gaps in the knowledge and flaws in their logic, but they are so certain they know it all.  It is quite tempting to volunteer to do this every Friday.  It seems wrong to be paid for being so highly amused all day.

This evening we went to the high school production of “Father of the Bride.”  M, the 17 year old girl who lives across the street, played the girlfriend of the older brother.  In theory, it was a small part, but she got some of the biggest laughs.  The whole production was fabulous.  However, the boys and I noticed that our favorite characters were the smaller parts.  I was so tired after such a hectic week, but the show was totally worth it.

Today’s sewing was accomplished by 6:45 a.m.  After I showered, I decided that the neckline on my Global Connections tee *had* to be altered.  I ripped off the old neck ribbing, cut a vee neck, and applied a new ribbing.  A smart person would not have started this project shortly before it was time to leave the house.  Apparently, I like a little drama first thing in the morning.


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