Sew Sleepless

Posted on: 23 November, 07


Awake at 2 a.m.

Dozed for a bit, but awake again at 3 a.m.

Dozed a bit more, but even more wide awake at 4 a.m.

At 5:30 a.m., I decided, “As long as I am awake, I may as well go to Jo Ann’s.”  I usually don’t do the Black Friday sales….too much mania too early in the day.  Because I didn’t want them to think I simply ran away in the middle of the night, I left notes for Hubski & the boys.  I picked up some flannel because I honestly do not have but one piece of flannel in my stash.  Pillow forms at half price was my impetus to renovate the pillows in the family room.  Many years ago, I did several quilt squares in a stained glass design with the high hopes of turning them into a quilt.  The squares became pillows instead, which look fabulous….except where the corners are getting ratty.  For quite some time, I have wanted to replace the pillow forms and replace the border and backings.  The quilted part has held up beautifully.  So, I bought new border/backing fabric too.

By the time I returned, C was the only one awake.  J and Hubski were being serious slugs.  Had I returned about 15 minutes earlier, no one would have even noticed that I had left.  That struck me as a little unsettling.  Washing the new fabric without the boys noticing was quite easy.  Hmmm, more evidence that members of my household do not notice my whereabouts.  That’s probably because no one needed to find anything….then I would have been the most popular girl in town.

It is a little after 8 p.m. and I can barely hold my eyes open.  Please let me be so tired that I collapse into coma-like slumber.  I took an online quiz about sleep issues… 5 a.m. when I couldn’t sleep.  According to the profound wisdom of the website, there is absolutely no reason for my insomnia.  I follow all the golden sleep rules – consistent bedtime, exercise regularly, limit caffeine,  relaxing activity before bed, not too hot/cold, etc.  Grrrrr….  OTC and prescription sleep aids leave me groggy in the morning.  Hubski and I discussed seeing the doctor, but he will ask all the same questions as the websites do.  There is no logical explanation.  I know, I should probably go anyway.  I wonder the doctor has an opening at 3 a.m?


5 Responses to "Sew Sleepless"

Ah, it never occured to me to go shopping for *sewing* on Black Friday. I never go out on that day b/c I hate the crowds…but perhaps I should’ve checked out JoAnn’s. anyway, I hope you are sleeping right now.

LOL…so I guess I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t sleep and wondered over to Joann’s in the wee hours! You can read about my Joann’s adventure at the bottom of my Friday post:

I, too, have been having this weird insomnia problem. I wake up every morning between 4am and 4:30am…ugh! And no matter what I do, I seem to have this internal alarm clock that I just can’t seem to reset.

Have a great weekend and try to get some rest!

With friendship,

I wake up early, but that’s cause I have to :-P.
I considered running to Michael’s or JoAnn’s before I caught my bus to work, but thought better of it. I did catch the before noon sales on Saturday, though!
Have you tried Valerian for helping you get back to sleep if you wake up? Sometimes when I have a lot on my mind I take it – it keeps me from thinking about “stuff” when I wake up to pee (every night about 1:30) but doesn’t leave me groggy!

Definitely try the doctor – the recommendations you’ve found are good sleep hygiene, and should be followed first to make sure it’s not a lifestyle thing – but there are other reasons for insomnia!! You might get a referral to do a sleep study (I’m not sure what other tests they do first – I got shuttled straight to the sleep study because they guessed why already).

Hope you are sleeping better soon – but what a way to use insomnia to your advantage!

Teri – you may try reading Womens’ Bodies, Womens’s Wisdom – Christaine Northrup, M.D., or another one
The Wisdom of Menopause. The Menopause book is not just the ‘active phase’ of menopause, but ther peri-menopausal stage approx 10 years before the actual event. Anyway, she writes about insomnia in women, some helps, some causes etc. You might find some useful info. Your local library may have these.
I also suffer from insomnia – seems to run in cycles
according to my own cycles.
Heather H.

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