Posted on: 24 November, 07

Chatter by Perrin Ireland

The snippets on the book jacket make reference to the political backdrop of the story. Had I not read those snippets, the political references would have gone largely unnoticed. The references were too brief and vague. They seemed to have little impact on the characters and the storyline. The political references did nothing to move the story along or reveal anything about the characters.

The writing style is sparse. Characters are brought in with no introduction and little explanation. I think it was the author’s intent to make the reader feel like he is eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation. If so, it might be an interesting writing convention, but it is a very unsatisfying read.

I found it highly improbable that two people could so easily be distracted from such important conversations. Yes, in real life, conversations are interrupted. However, these people could barely finish a sentence before changing topics. The appearance of a “never mentioned” adult daughter would take precedence over any other conversation in my household.


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