Sew Many Yards

Posted on: 24 November, 07

Last Friday, Hubski left for Minnesota.  He went fabric shopping to assuage his guilt for being away over the weekend and possibly for Thanksgiving.  With literally only a few minutes to shop, he frantically grabbed bolts and tried to describe colors and patterns to me over the phone.  He said there were lots of greys and blacks for some unknown reason.  His first criteria for fabric is the softness.  The blue and brown were chosen simply because they are incredibly soft, a sort of brushed knit.  He was also drawn to stripes, despite my assertion that I’m really not a stripey kind of girl.  

The second one from the bottom is an interesting piece. It is a rather heavy knit, but with lots of stretch. It is only 24 inches wide.  The bottom half yard looks more like ribbing than the rest of the fabric.  Trying to fit a pattern on that piece will take some creativity, but the end result should be nifty. 

The fourth from the bottom is a charcoal and lighter grey heather knit.  One side is predominately darker and the other side is lighter.  It is perfect for a pattern that would utilize the reversible feature of this fabric. 

The top one will be great for baby gifts.  It is a soft knit with a nice weight to it.  The primary colors will make it easy to coordinate with other fabrics.   

It is always a surprise to actually see the fabric Hubski has described over the phone.  Over the years, he has learned the difference between knits and wovens.  He can even identify some types of wovens.  Describing colors still escapes him.  His color descriptions don’t go much beyond the color range of a  eight crayon box.  I need to help him graduate up to the 64 crayon box. 


2 Responses to "Sew Many Yards"

I’m finally catching up with blogs this morning! Love your series of blog entry titles! Sew catchy! 🙂
Your DH will have to teach my DH how to shop for fabric!

ohh!! i can’t wait to have lots of pretty fabrics around the house! thanks for the advice! keep checking out my blog for my ‘attempts’ over the holidays…maybe you can point out any mistakes i’m making!

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