Sew Old Fashioned

Posted on: 25 November, 07

Since this batch of doll clothes has been received, I can start posting photos.  There will be only one photo today because the other photos are on a different memory card, which is not at home right now.  Besides, there are still quite a few days left in November.  I need to pace myself if I am going to make my goal of posting every day for the entire month. 

There was just the tiniest bit of fabric leftover from my embroidered skirt, not even enough to make a doll skirt.  An apron was about all I could squeeze out of the few inches of fabric.  The ruffles on the sleeves were also from a tiny bit of leftover eyelet.  I can’t throw away pretty bits because they might be perfect for a doll outfit. 

No commercial patterns were harmed in the making of this outfit.  The apron was simple…a few gathers, a waistband, some decorative stitching, and, poof…you have an apron.  The skirt is a woven jacquard.  Who needs a pattern for an elastic waist skirt?  The top was a little more involved.  My first thought was a peasant type blouse, but then I thought the high collar was more in keeping with a the prim style of the apron.  There is a little lace detail down the center front and it buttons up the back.  Did I save any measurements or anything that would help me recreate this?  No, that is what a smart person would do.  I went straight to fabric on this one.  No tissue fittings. 

Doll sewing is such a treat for me.  I feel much more courageous when it comes to drafting.  If it doesn’t work out, not much fabric has been wasted.  Besides, I would never make an outfit like this for myself.  🙂 

And, yes, I know… dolls need shoes.  



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2 Responses to "Sew Old Fashioned"

Adorable doll outfit. I really like the blouse. Sewing doll clothing is fun as one can try and perfect new techniques on a scrap of fabric. Great job.

This is so pretty! You did a great job. Can’t wait to see the next outfits!

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