Sew Summery

Posted on: 26 November, 07

Because summer is my absolute favorite season, a doll wardrobe would not be complete without a summery outfit.  The top is my own pattern.  Again, this was a case of tiny bit of a pretty fabric left over from another project.  The top buttons in the back to make dressing the doll easier.  The capris are just a basic elastic waist pant shortened with a decorative stitch at the hem.   A pair of strappy sandals would complete the outfit. 

Accessibility is an important consideration in doll clothes.  Because the arms and shoulders are not flexible, tops must button up the back or front.  A very loose fitting garment might be capable of being pulled over the head.  However, young children are generally not very patient or gentle when dressing their dolls.  Clothes that come off easily is critical.  Consider the manual dexterity of the child when selecting button sizes, snaps, or hook and loop tape.  Whenever possible, I use elastic waist or partial elastic waist for pants, skirts, and shorts. 




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1 Response to "Sew Summery"

Cute, cute and Cute! I haven’t been keeping up–I’ll have to go back and see what other outfits this doll has in her wardrobe!

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