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Posted on: 28 November, 07

Ottobre has a way of taking a style concept and creating a pattern that makes it wearable for the average woman.  This top has that retro, hippy, sixties feel without looking like a costume.  The pattern is design #12 from the 05/07 issue.  In a very uncharacteristic move for me, I made this one without deviating from the pattern.  Gasp!  I know….don’t worry….I won’t make a habit of it.  The fabric is ribbed velour that I have had forever.  I made quite a few baby gifts out of it.  Lovely fabric, but I am rather glad to be done with the piece.  Anyway, ribbed velour is not the first fabric that comes to mind for this pattern.  It was cold the day that I started this project.  I wanted something warm.  The binding is leftover from another project.  It was a happy coincidence that the purples matched so well.  The colors worked well, but the flowered fabric was a bit of challenge because it was so slippery.  If it were not for the perilous binding, the project could have been completed in an hour or so. 

This pattern will work well with a variety of knits, anything from onion skin to velour.  The gathers could be removed from the center front panel for less fullness.  The sleeve could also easily be changed to a straight sleeve, long or short.  I was not sure about the longer length on me, but I like it.  Once again, Ottobre rocks it. 


6 Responses to "Sew Groovy"

That top does rock, it looks fantastic on you, Teri.

Cute top. Purple is my favorite color. I really like how the binding makes the top pop (sorry for the cliche).

Fabulous top. I love it. I like the contrasting trim, and it looks oh, so cozy. I keep saying I have to try Ottobre. Now I know I do.

Gorgeous top ~ I love the color too!!! Yes Ottobre does rock! 🙂

Now – if I could just get my hands on a copy of Octobre while I’m recovering. That top looks fab. You did a great job. Nice work in keeping up with the November “Sew” titles too. g

Wow, beautiful T-shirt, I love the combination of fabrics!

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