Sew Ready for the Weekend

Posted on: 29 November, 07

….if only it were a looooong weekend.  Ok, honestly, I am ready for winter break.  Thanksgiving break was just a tease.  We have to plod through four whole weeks of school before winter break.  I hate when Thanksgiving falls so early.  It feels like an eternity until winter break.

I should try to be positive and focus on the weekend being so close I can almost taste it.  Remember when I said I would cut back on work?  Well, I am working four days this week.  It could have been five, so you could sort of, kind of, possibly call that cutting back.  Tomorrow I am subbing for the art teacher which should be a fun day.  There is a pep rally in the afternoon.  I am hoping, if I ask really sweetly, that they will let me leave after my last class and skip the pep rally.  I would not be responsible for any students during the pep rally, so it shouldn’t be a problem.  That would let me start my weekend just a wee bit sooner.

Sewing activities have consisted of slowly tracing off a jeans pattern from Ottobre Woman and prewashing the fabric.  Tomorrow I hope to do a quick pin fitting of the pattern.  It is Ottobre so it should fit well, but jeans need to fit really well.


1 Response to "Sew Ready for the Weekend"

Teri….I’m with you…..definitely need a break from work! LOL, though my work is all sewing related! How ironic is that? Anyway, my break from work will be MORE sewing…though for pleasure this time. My little divas need some “soft cozies” (aka fleece tops), I am making some shirts for DH’s holiday gifts….etc.

BTW, about your jeans…I have no doubt they will be perfect!

Pam from ~Off The Cuff Style~

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