Almost Perfect

Posted on: 9 December, 07

The only jeans I can find to fit me are in the junior department. That means lots of distressing, rips, sparklies, and weird back pockets. I want a plain, dark wash, low-ish rise, boot cut jean. Even in the junior department, finding anything that fits is like finding a needle in the haystack. Size 0 Short are frequently too short, but the regular length is too long thanks to my freakishly long legs. Often Size 0 is too big. I don’t imagine the manufacturers will start making jeans in negative sizes anytime soon. So I am on the quest for the perfect jean pattern.

Design #10 from the 05/2007 issue of Ottobre Woman is almost perfect. I made my usual Ottobre adjustments which were successful. The fabric is a very old piece of corduroy that I don’t really love, but it was good enough to test the pattern. Because this was a trial run, I did not bother with making pretty back pockets. The pants are very comfortable and I am overall pleased with the result. I need to work on lowering the waistband, which should not be too difficult but might take a few muslins to get just right.

Just for the record, I never wear my shirts tucked into my pants. I am not a tucker. I only tucked for the benefit of the photo. The lower rise is not for style points or showing off my pasty white belly. It is for comfort. Being so short waisted, a lower rise feels better. Also, I typically do not take photos of my backside, however, in the interest of sewing, I make exceptions.


10 Responses to "Almost Perfect"

Isn’t this a great pattern. Your corduroys look fantastic. Are you just going to fold out some of the rise? I ordered dark brown denim last night for my next pair.

Back to lowering the waistband – I thought my pair was a bit high, too.

They look wonderful! The picture of your backside is good too. ;P

These look fantastic. I know what you mean by a lower rise being more comfortable. I am not close to a size 0, but still short waisted and everything in regular grown-up sizes feels like it cmes to my armpits (Not flattering or comfortable). I am looking forward to learning how you lower the rise in front to I can apply your adjustment to my own patterns.

Really, give me a backside like that! Hopefully once Olivia starts to walk and run.

Teri, your pants look great, and the fit is perfect. Now I have to get that magazine!

I have no ideas about lowering the waistband, but I think they look great. You have no funny wrinkles or lines in those pants. And I’m very envious – what I wouldn’t give to have reproduced twice & have a size 0 be too big!!! Congrats! g

I have the exact same problems as you… well except for the long legs 😉 but I haven’t been brave enough to tackle jeans yet.
Everyone is praising that pattern to the skies! Your pair looks very professional.

When I saw the line “looking for the perfect jeans pattern” I immediately thought “Jalie!!”. I’ve got their low-rise (barely low) bootcut jean pattern and I love it!

But then I saw yours, and you don’t need another pattern. Those are some freakin’ awesome pants!! Congrats!

Let me know if you find a good supply of affordable denim, and good colour topstitching thread – so far I haven’t been too impressed in that department.

[…] starting to take a toll on me.  This afternoon, I pulled out some fabric and a pattern.  Design #10 from the 05/2007 issue of Ottobre Woman was almost perfect.  The back was fine, but the waistband needed to be […]

Very nice! I’m thinking about getting this mag to make these jeans and I was wondering (if you remember that far back!). In the layout drawing, it looks like one of the styles is flared, but in the pic yours look straight legged. Do you happen to know if there is a flared style in that mag?

Reply to seemommysew: The pattern offers the option of either a straight leg or a boot cut. It is definitely a straight leg, and not a tapered leg. Hope that helps!

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