To Tell

Posted on: 11 December, 07

In the old days, teachers reprimanded students for being “tattletales.”  As school tragedies became a recurring item in the headlines, we changed our tune.  We now beg the students to tell, even they think it is just a joke.  It has taken a while, but they are telling.  It works.  Recently, a student brought a gun to the high school.  Another student had the courage to tell.  The gun was confiscated without incident.  It is unclear as to why the student brought the gun to school.  To show it off to friends?  To sell or give it to someone else?  To protect himself?  Did someone else put in his back pack?  We don’t know, but we do know because a student told a teacher, the story was barely noticed by the media instead of being the sort of headline that gives us chills.  Students need to tell.

What happens when the “telling” hits too close to home?  What do you do when it is no longer about some “15 year old freshman,” when you know the names, you know the students?  Rationally, I know…I think…it is just talk, just a student who is angry and frustrated.  Some “experts” say if they talk about it openly, then they aren’t serious.  It is the quiet ones we should worry about.  But words can hurt.  Words can be a nagging echo in your head for a long, long time.   Has the anger really subsided?  Was it really “just talk”?  Am I being naive for thinking it is “just talk”?

Students need to tell.  Schools need to take it seriously.   I am glad that our schools do take it seriously.  I am glad that the process works.  I hope it really  works and it was “just talk.”  I am proud of and grateful to the students who told.  I just wish there was nothing to tell.


3 Responses to "To Tell"

Oh, Teri, how scary and how sad. I too hope it was “just talk.” g

Ooo this is a good post. I agree – there needs to be more “tell”. You should send this in as a mini article to a magazine or two. The happenings in the world are pretty sickening sometimes.

Very good post. The same goes with bullying, especially as the bullied person often is the one who snaps.

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