Smarties and Sweeties

Posted on: 15 December, 07

Every year, I buy a bag of Smarties as my back up Halloween candy. They are cheap, don’t go stale, and I secretly adore them. Last weekend, we discovered them while cleaning out a cupboard. As I was eating a pack, my secret Smarties eating ritual was observed. I sort them by color and eat them in a specific order. Green are first because they are my least favorite. Pink and purple are interchangeable. Orange is next. White and yellow are last because they are my favorites, especially the yellow. Hubski claims they all taste the same. As if! Clearly he has defective taste buds. Nonetheless, I keep finding little piles of yellow Smarties on my desk and bedside table. Everyone has been saving the yellow ones for me.


4 Responses to "Smarties and Sweeties"

When I eat M&Ms there is a clear process, and they don’t even taste any different.
First sort by color and put in piles. Then (and here’s where it gets complicated) eat one out of the larger pile until it is equal to the next largest. The one from each of those piles until they equal the next down. And so on. Until all the piles are equal. Then all the colors at once!
And then they’re gone.
I don’t know why… it just gives me something to do while I eat candy! Hee, I love playing with my food!

OMG…I thought I was the only one who did that…ummm, just last night I was sorting them at midnight! And I made sure I went out and bought another bag earlier (and a box of DOTS) today as we’re expecting snow…ROTFLMAO!

With friendship,

Too funny! Smarties is also my almost-favorite kind of candy (second only to chocolate) and I’m like you. I try to pick out the packs with the most white and yellow, white being my most favorite. And I thought I was the only crazy Smarties-eater in the world. 🙂

Your cracking me up! That is so sweet that they are saving you the yellows though.

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