Posted on: 19 December, 07

Knitting by Elizabeth Bartlett

Unless you have a profound love of knitting, do not read this book.  Even if you do love knitting, read this book only if you are desperate for reading material or want a cure for your insomnia.

Sandra and Martha’s paths cross by chance.  The author forces the relationship.  There are infinitesimal details about Martha’s knitting, to the point one begins to question, “Is this a novel or a reference book about knitting?”  At several points, the author alludes to the characters’ complexity, suggesting a deep, dark secret or impending epiphany.  The author never seizes the opportunity to let the characters reveal themselves.

The plot never had a chance to be sensational.  In the hands of a more talented author, Knitting might have been mildly engaging.  There were several points where the plot could have taken an interesting twist or developed into something of substance.  I plodded through with the hope that the story would get better.  I was so happy when it was over so I could end the misery.


2 Responses to "Knitting"

ROTFLMAO…that’s some book review!!! I’m guessing the book stinks.

With friendship,

I too wasn’t too thrilled with this book. I’m keeping my eyes open for some good books that include knitting. Any suggestions?

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