Dangerous Curves Ahead

Posted on: 27 December, 07

This shirt started with Ottobre 03/04 #30, which is just a basic long sleeve tee.  I have been using this pattern as a starting point for the boys’ shirts for quite some time.  I keep adding width and length as they grow.  However, soon it will be time to admit J has outgrown the Ottobre sizing.  (sniff, sniff)

When I made this shirt, I promised J that I would make something similar for him.   It has taken almost an entire year, but I finally got it done. Since J is not a fan of collars or fleece, a basic tee was the best starting point.  I used the curved piece that I drew for the fleece shirt.  Why reinvent the wheel?  The shirt went together quickly and J loves it.  Now C is hinting that he, too, would like one.


3 Responses to "Dangerous Curves Ahead"

Great shirt! I dread the day when my kids outgrow Ottobre. 😦

Wow, wow, wow….
You are such the artiste! I dread curves like that with a passion – mine always end up wonky. Any secrets?

Reply to Jill: don’t know about the “artiste” part, but thanks for the compliment. 🙂 as for curvy secrets……having the correct tension on the serger is critical. i think it also helped to not have sharp turns in the curves, keep them smooth and shallow. the red knit is not super stretchy. perhaps the stability of the red knit helped to keep it smooth….or i got really, really lucky.

I love it!!! Ottobre is my favorite for patterns, too. Well done!!

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