Posted on: 1 January, 08

Blogland is brimming with posts about resolutions, turning over a new leaf, and setting goals. I tried to think of something profound, deep, or witty. Nothing. Then it occurred to me that my “new year” begins in August with the start of new school year. In August, my boys move to a new grade level, there is a new batch of students, and, often, new teachers in the building. January 1st is rather unremarkable in the ebb and flow of my life. So, I shall skip the resolutions and blog onward as usual.

There is one area of my life that is marked by the traditional calendar – my fabric stash. In an effort to keep my stash under control, I participate in the StashGame. Points are won for using stash fabric and points lost for buying fabric which is not used quickly. There are no prizes or awards, but there is great camaraderie. We set goals in January, then try to hold each other to those goals all year long. Every year, my goal is to have less fabric on December 31st than I did on January 1st. This is no small feat with Hubski gallivanting across the globe and buying fabric for me at each stop.

Winter break has allowed me to spend lots of time my sewing room…in between painting projects. I happy to report that my fabric stash is indeed smaller than it was one year ago. It is only a 1.75 yards smaller, but that is better than bigger. A last minute decision to make a hostess gift pushed me over the top.

Cloth napkins are so easy to make. They are also much better for the environment than paper napkins. We have stacks of them that we use every day. If my fabric is 45″ wide, I make the napkins just shy of 15″ square so I can get three across. Years of use in house has proven that this a very acceptable size. For more formal napkins, a larger size might be desired. The serger set up for a rolled edge hem finishes the edges of the napkins in a matter of minutes. As I serge, I leave the thread tails until the seam sealant is applied. There is a way to avoid the crunchy effect of seam sealant. After applying seam sealant, cover the area with a press cloth and press with a very hot iron. Once the seam sealant is dry, clip the thread tails.

In the next few days, I have lots more projects and photos to post. Stay tuned!


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