Ottobre Shrugged

Posted on: 2 January, 08

I liked the idea of this top, but the pattern was a disappointment. I decided to see if I could incorporate the concept into an Ottobre pattern. Design #4 from the 02/07 issue was my starting point. Using the front pattern piece as a guide, I drew the “shrug” part, making note of the grainline.

Next, the shoulder area of the front piece had to be cut away. I simply folded back part of the shoulder area. I wanted the front to have a gentle upward slope instead of being cut straight across as in the Vogue pattern.

Here is how the two pieces fit together. The little blip on the neckline was smoothed when the fabric was cut out.

To construct the top, I sewed the shrug pieces to the back at the shoulder seams. I used FOE to finish the edges. Next, the front edge was gathered according to the pattern instructions. Once again, FOE was used to finish the edges. To make sure things lined up correctly, I laid the fabric pieces on top of the pattern pieces and pinned everything in place. The front pieces were secured when the sleeves were sewn in. Next were the side seams, then hems, and it was done.

It was easy sewing. I already have ideas for slight variations on this design. The fabric is a wool knit from Vogue Fabrics in Chicago.


8 Responses to "Ottobre Shrugged"

Ooooooo – PRETTY!

Pretty and very flattering.

I think this turned out great! It fits very nicely, and the fabric is lovely. I like the neckline. Hard to find nice t-shirts today. If I was not so busy sewing curtains and things for the kids, I would try something for myself.

That turned out great. Have you seen Bonnie’s version that she turned into a dress?

Wow totally impressive.

That is really cool Teri – great hack job! đŸ™‚

That is an adorable top! Beautiful fabric – both the color and the fabric itself.

Thank you for the comment on my blog.

Looks great, a wonderful morph. There’s a new pattern from Jalie that looks a lot like that, actually.

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