Rah Rah for Rayon

Posted on: 4 January, 08

This was a rather late holiday gift for Hubski.  The fabric is a rayon batik from that has been lurking in my stash for several months.  I am excited that it was sewn in less than year.  Hubski adores rayon batiks – the rayon part for softness, the batik part for the great colors and patterns.  Finding rayon batiks in male appropriate colors and prints at a reasonable price is not easy.  Whenever I find some, I stock up. 

The pattern is loosely based on Butterick 3217, which is OOP.  It has been altered to the point it bears little resemblance to the original.  I started using this pattern shortly after Hubski and I were first married.  The side seams were tapered, the shoulders widened, armholes dropped, collar reshaped, and back pleat increased to fit his swimmer’s physique.  Over the years, as Hubski’s shape has changed, so has the pattern.  At some point, I suppose I could buy a new pattern, but it seems easier to just keep tweaking this one.  I have made this shirt so many times (both long and short sleeve) that I could practically sew it in my sleep.  Hubski is rather adventuresome when it comes to colors and prints, but not so much with the style of the shirt. 

Sewing men’s shirts is really not difficult.  It takes lots of pressing as you go and a good edgestitching foot.  A nice buttonhole function on your sewing machine makes quick work of all those buttonholes.  It was a happy day when I learned how to sew buttons on by machine.  My early forays into sewing Hubski’s shirts were not entirely successful.  Each one was an improvement over the previous attempt.  Progress, right?  One of the best investments I made was David Page Coffin’s book ShirtmakingKenneth King’s Sewing Today tv show also gave some great suggestions.  Between the two of them, I learned how to achieve much better results.   



1 Response to "Rah Rah for Rayon"

Can I have one too? Great shirt.

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