If You Give a Girl a Paintbrush

Posted on: 5 January, 08

Pantone has selected “Blue Iris” as the Color of the Year.  Ok, I did not know there was a “Color of the Year,” but I like it.  Coincidentally, this is the same color we just painted the living room.   I knew I had good taste.  😉  Hubski wasn’t so sure about using  such a dark color.  He  now loves it.  The color really  pops with the wood floors and white  trim work.  Now I need to make some throw pillows for the taupe leather sofa.  Some new lamps would  be nice.  We rearranged the furniture which means  we  “need” a nice little upholstered chair for the corner. 

Seeing how nice the living room looks, I am inspired to paint the dining room.  That room has lots of architectural details which will make painting a much more complicated process.  When we repaint the dining room, we will need a new tablecloth.  Maybe I will finally get those prints framed. 

Looking at all the pretty paint colors made me think about the master bedroom and bath.  The beige walls are sooooo boring.  Of course, there is also lighting to think about…..


2 Responses to "If You Give a Girl a Paintbrush"

It’s amazing how a little gallon of paint can make everything spiral out of control, huh? I have had the paint for our upstairs hallway for a long time. It’s about time to make the hubby actually paint it! Then we would be ready to start all over again 🙂 That color looks great – I would love to see a photo of the finished room. g

I absolutely LOVE painting rooms. I love trying out all the different colors. That blue is really pretty. I’m into blue lately as well, and also celadon green. I found a kitchen towel at Costco that has all my favorite colors in it, so I’m going to use that for inspiration. Enjoy! Post pictures! Dying to see how it turns out.

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