Posted on: 6 January, 08

Hubski’s birthday is just a couple of weeks away.  Today I decided what I will get him.  In a way, it will also be a gift to myself.  The boy could find his way out of paper sack with a map, compass, and sherpa.  I may not know my right from my left, but I can find my way around town. 

Today, we went to a nearby town to look at chairs for the living room.  We don’t go to this town often, but Hubski worked there for quite a few years.  Granted, that was several years ago, but still there should be some basic memory of the major thoroughfares.  He looked at a map online before we left.  As we were getting on the interstate, he handed me a map.  Ugh.  I hate reading maps in the car because it makes me nauseous.  To add to the fun, Hubski tries to lean over and look as he is driving, asking me a million questions as I try to sort it out. 

“Should we take 54?  We could take 40, but it might be slower.  What about 55?  Where would that take us?” 

I. Don’t. Know. letmereadthemapandiwilltellyouwhenifigureitout!!!! 

So, I tell him to just get onto 40 for now and I will figure out the rest as we go, knowing that we will be on 40 for a good 30 minutes before we need to do anything.  His game of Twenty Questions continues. 

“Are you sure we should take 40?  Where will we need to get off?  If we hit traffic, could we still get onto 54?”  By the way, he is still trying to look at the map and drive.  I turn so he can’t see the map. 

As luck would have it, the street we are looking for is not on our map.  The street is called “Grand Heights.”  I find a cluster of little streets all named “Grand ______.”  It seems logical to me that Grand Heights is somewhere in that neighborhood.  Though he is attempting to appear calm, I can smell the panic seeping out of his pores.  Lo and behold, I get us to Grand Heights and the restaurant where we going to have lunch before shopping.  We eat lunch (the servings could feed a small nation) and waddle back to the car.  Hubski pulls out the map to figure out how to get back out to the main road…..the road we turned off of to get to the parking lot an hour ago.  In one hour, he completely forget which way we had come.  That was when I knew he needs a GPS. 

He travels the globe and I am always amazed when he finds his way home.  Before he leaves on a trip, he prints a phone book of maps.  He picks up maps at the car rental agency.  He asks for directions.  Yes, a man who asks for directions.  Actually, he is more likely to ask for directions than I am.  I drive by intuition.  I look at map, get a mental image of the area, and I am good to go.  I may make a wrong turn or two, but quickly correct and find my destination.  If I have been somewhere once, there is a good chance I can find it again.  Don’t ask me for directions because I don’t know my right from left.  Just put me behind the wheel, and we’ll get there.  As I drive, those visual clues click in.  Plus, I kind of like the adventure of perhaps discovering a new area.  I shouldn’t be too harsh.  His entire family freaks out about directions.  They consult several maps.  They discuss ad naseum every possible route, the pros and cons of each.  If there is traffic or a detour, hyperventilating begins.  You don’t want to know what happens if someone misses a turn or makes a mistake reading the map.  It’s not pretty.  I avoid traveling by car with them whenever possible.

The boy needs a GPS.  It needs to be portable so he can take it when he travels….or drives my car.  Ideally, I would like to strap it to his wrist because he can lost in the mall….the one we go to all the time….sigh…. It needs to be easy to update and have frequent updates.  Outdated maps cause too much angst.  Oh, and I don’t want to spend a mega fortune.  Any suggestions? 


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I got a Magelleon GPS for Christmas. I absolutely love it. She talks to me. I plan on using it this spring and summer to go geocashing. Good choice of a gift.

My DH is an absolute fanatic about GPS’s. He’s got several that he uses for geocaching and directions. His suggestion is a Tomtom 1 XL, about $250 or a Tomtom 1 XLS about $300. He says the difference is the XLS will tell you the street name of the next turn, whereas the XL only gives you the distance to your next turn. He says they’re easy to use.
If you want to research them go to smartguider dot com, they offer comparisons, prices etc. NexTag dot com will give you online price and buying options. That’s where he’s gotten the best deals on his. hth

Funny story, Teri and a great gift idea. My hubby won’t read road signs. On vacations, that is my job. I sure would rather be reading or sleeping.

We got a Magellan Maestro for xmas too. It’s very portable and easy to use. My DH drives past his own driveway on a regular basis. Now, Magellan will ding at him! LOL!

Reply to Debbie: Oh Debbie, that is hilarious. I can laugh because it could easily happen here. Thanks for the input!

Fun topic! I got a Garmin 340 from my SO and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I got my mom one for Christmas and she’s in love too. It’s the best gift you can give for sure.

Note: I ordered my mom’s through Amazon and it was a HUNDRED dollars cheaper than Tom paid at Best Buy.

I’m just saying.

xo t

*snorf* I think your hubski and mine are genetically related, as he has actually had my daughter direct him to places for the last 6 years (and she’s 9!!!). We have had a garmin I5 for 3 years, but those are long out of manufacture – love it dearly, and it has helped on many occasions. My only beef is that I have issues picking up a signal in downtown chicago, but I suspect that would be the case with any gps.
My dear friends have a tomtom, and you can download really cool voices. Their’s talks in John Cleese and Yoda voices, depending on how they feel for the day.

Reply: Yoda would sooo cool. And, yeah, there are times when the boys have had to take on the role of navigator. Glad to know it isn’t just my husband. 🙂

I vote for a Tom Tom! I got a go 530 for Christmas and I love it – it bluetooths to my mobile and also has a cable to connect to my ipod. There’s an FM transmitter in it too, so I can listen to my ipod through the in car stereo (ok I only just found this out after complaining to my dh that the music was a bit tinny through the tom tom – wondered why he was laughing at me 😉 ). Directions are clear, it bongs when I drive too fast and when a speed camera approaches too!
Only thing is I feel like gadget girl with tom tom, ipod, phone etc plugging in this that and the other before I go!

I bought DH a Megellan last Fathers day, best gift I ever got, um, HE ever got! We call her Betty, since she is persistant if you miss a turn (or some one tells you not to go the way she said to go) and the first cockpit voice warnings were female and the pilots called her *itching Betty (DH is a pilot!). I have used it every time I drive to NC, it navigated me from So.Pines area thru Raleigh, and I did not get lost. We also have an older Megellan that he uses for hiking, it isn’t road capable. Oh, and Betty even knows about road construction…..

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