Posted on: 8 January, 08

Lucky by Alice Sebold


I procrastinated on writing about this book.  I could not decide between “read it” and “don’t read it.”

In Lucky, Alice Sebold shares the story of her rape when she was in college.  Sebold was on her way back to her dorm one night when she was dragged into a tunnel and brutally raped.  Sebold did not have the “benefit” of alcohol or drugs to dull her senses to what was happening to her.  No, she was fully awake and aware.  Her amazing storytelling skills bring you into that dark tunnel with her.  Her words are powerful and will stay with you for a long time.  She survives the attack, but has to figure out how to go on living.  This is no “made for tv” movie with a happy ending.  Her friends and family do not have scriptwriters providing them profound words of comfort.  Those around her try to help, but they are struggling to deal with the shock and horror too. 

In many ways, I think everyone should read this book because the writing is so incredible.  It takes away the Hollywood sanitization of such a brutal crime.  The book shares how a real family tried to cope.  It is honest and full of raw emotion.  Sebold left nothing out.  For those reasons, I caution against reading this book.  The emotions can be a heavy burden.  The images can be difficult to shake from your memory. 



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1 Response to "Lucky"

Terri – Have you read Sebold’s Lovely Bones? It is fiction, but a very haunting story. Her writing is amazing. It is a story about a horrible crime, but in the end life goes on. It changed the way I think about after life.

I have been afraid to read Lucky, because I know it is a true story and I am not sure I want to go where she might take me.


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