Ottobre Pusher

Posted on: 14 January, 08

I am addicted to Ottobre and I want everyone else to be addicted too. While looking at pattern books at JoAnn’s, the woman next to me and I began chatting about the patterns she was selecting for her little girl. I couldn’t stop myself. I had to tell her about Ottobre. She jotted down the web address. I know if she tries it, she will be addicted too. 🙂
If there is a 12 step program for Ottobre addiction, I don’t want to know about it.

2 Responses to "Ottobre Pusher"

I’ve been an Ottobre pusher at Joann’s too! ROFL And please don’t tell me if there is a 12 step program either – my only regret is I waited a year to sew from Ottobre after I subscribed (gasp) and that I didn’t find it sooner.

Okay! After all your raving, I had to order a couple of issues. The previews looked great, and now I’m eager to get my hands on them and see how the fit works on me. Thanks!

Reply to Mary: Did you get your magazines yet? I hope you love them!

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