Ottobre *is* a Drug

Posted on: 15 January, 08

Yesterday, while teaching, I developed a weird back spasm.  The pain was so bad that it was hard to breathe.  When we pulled into the garage, C picked up the mail for me.  He said, “Mom, I’ve got something that will make you feel better.  Your new Ottobre came!”  Ah, that boy knows me well.  I crawled up the stairs and into my bed.  The boys brought me a heat pack, my magazine, and a promise to get their homework done quickly.  While I waited for the heat pack and the pain meds to do their magic, the new issue of Ottobre was a wonderful distraction.  I could not focus enough to read, but the photos were lovely.  I was able to think about all the pretty things I could sew instead of writhing in pain.  Eventually the meds kicked in and I was lost into blissful oblivion. 

This morning, I managed to trace design #29, the “knot t-shirt.”  The name confuses me because there is no knot and it is not really a t-shirt.  Ottobre is published in Finland.  Given how gorgeous the magazine is, I can give them a little latitude with the English language.  Their English is infinitely better than my Finnish. 

My work with ESL students gives me a deep respect for these language issues.  Today, I tried to help a student learn about infectious disease.  I am not a doctor, but I can talk a good game…in English.  My young friend, however, speaks less English than I speak Spanish….and I don’t speak much Spanish.  We pulled out bilingual dictionaries, Spanish encyclopedias, and Spanish language web sites.  We did some charades and laughing.  I don’t think he learned much science today, but he learned that I will try incredibly hard to communicate with him. 

I wanted to cut out and sew the knot t-shirt tonight.  However, tomorrow is a day of language arts midterms.  The tension will be contagious.  The back is threatening to seize up again.  I shall need to fortify myself for this.  It is an evening for a warm beverage, a new issue of Ottobre, and lots of snuggly quilts….that’s darn good medicine. 


7 Responses to "Ottobre *is* a Drug"

I hope your back is much better and the Ottobre is helping to keep your mind off of the spasms. Take care

The knots at the sleeves maybe? I think this is a very good issue.

That is the pits about your back – I hope you feel better soon. Thank goodness Ottobre came to your rescue for a little relief. Can’t wait to see your top!

I know what you mean about being sympathetic to mistakes in English. We live in Belgium (official languages French, Flemish, German) and my French is full of mistakes. People are generally okay with the mess you make of their language. And it turn, I am grateful when they can speak some English!

I hope your back is better and won’t seize up again!

Such a great kidlet, knowing how much the mag means to you. DH didn’t point it out to me, and once I saw it said, “you knew it was coming anyway, don’t hide it”. *Bah!* What a spoil sport…

sorry to hear your back is out of wack.

But yes, Ottobre makes us all feel better…it certainly is my drug of choice…LOL!

With friendship,

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