Knot Top

Posted on: 18 January, 08

Believe it or not, I did not hack this pattern. I made it “straight from the box.” This Design #29 from the 01/08 issue of Ottobre. The sewing is incredibly fast. This top took less than hour to cut out and sew. The fabric is a textured knit from ages ago. There is a bit of ease built into the design, so a super stretchy knit is not absolutely necessary. I selected the size by comparing my measurements to the measurement chart in the magazine. I had to add some length to the sleeve to accommodate my freakishly long arms.

Here is a closer look at the bodice seam and gathers.

Finally, here is a really close look at the treatment on the sleeve hem.

I applied the binding using the same method as illustrated here.

There was a tiny bit of concern that this top might have a maternity feel. The hem line is fits close enough across the hip that it avoids the “When are you due?” question. I might make one or two more of these with some minor changes. My reluctance to make more has nothing to do with the quality of the design. I just don’t want a closet full of the same top.


9 Responses to "Knot Top"

Cute top, Teri. I like the knot detail.

So what size did you make?

Reply to Mama Urchin: I made a 164 with lots of length added to the sleeves to accommodate my freakishly long arms.

I had wondered about making that one for myself, but thought maybe I was delusional to think it would work for an adult. Now I see that it will be fine!

Teri..this is one terrific top! I may make one for my “petite-like-you” sister this weekend based on your fab results!

Pam from ~Off The Cuff Style~

Reply to Pam: So did you make one? 🙂 This would be cute for your nieces too. It just totally lends itself to fun fabric combinations and hacking. The fit is loose enough that a stretch cord would work too.

Cute top! I was at the mall with my Mom yesterday and she observed that those high gathers have become popular! I might have to try this one. I’m sure I have a knit or two in my stash!

Very cute! I love it!

That is super cute – I am going to have to try that for me!

Great top! I keep seeing all these great things being made from Ottbre patterns. Maybe I will have to give one a try this year. You said this was from the Spring ’08 issue but the only I can find on line looks like the kids addition. Is that the right one?

Reply to MeLisa: Ottobre publishes 2 women’s issues per year, and 4 children’s issues. The knot top is from the most recent children’s issue. If you can shop in the junior’s department, there is a good chance that the larger girls’ sizes will fit you. Check the size charts on the website. The numbers are a bit surprising. It is also possible to increase a pattern a few sizes or copy the design details onto another pattern. I love being able to “double dip” from both the women’s issues and the children’s.

Cute top. Love the detailing on the sleeves.

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