From IM to DC

Posted on: 20 January, 08

At 8:30 this morning, I was IM’ing with Shari who is visiting DC.  She was torturing me with talk of a trip to IKEA.  Somehow the conversation went from “wouldn’t it be fun to shop at IKEA together” to “find me a hotel room and I’ll call from the road.”  I was DC bound by 10 a.m.

Not only did I ditch Hubski with the two boys (one of whom is somewhat sick), I swiped his birthday present.  Yes, I took the brand new GPS that was going to be his present later this week.  I went with the Tom Tom because it was on sale and we can download the Yoda voice.  As a testament to Tom Tom, I ripped the unit from the packaged, plugged it, and was on my way to DC in a matter of minutes.  The owner’s manual is still in the sealed package.  It is entirely intuitive.  The unit probably does all sorts of nifty things that I will discover when I read the directions.  However, it took me exactly where I wanted to go even though I didn’t really know where that was.

After a couple of phone calls while en route, Shari and I decided to rendezvous at IKEA.  I did not have the exact the address to put into the GPS.  No problem.  A few little taps on the screen and Tom led me right to IKEA.  In a freakish coincidence, Shari arrived at the exact same time.  Considering the distance we were both traveling, from opposite directions, it was an amazing coincidence.

There is much more to say about Tom, the new love of my life, the IKEA visit, and Shari, but it will have to wait.  Right now, I am in a hotel room….all alone.  No one is asking me to find anything.  There is no homework to check.  No laundry to fold.  No one to tell me to turn down the heat.  So please excuse me while I go enjoy the solitude for a bit.


8 Responses to "From IM to DC"

Is that the Ikea that at Potomac Mills? I sure hope you know there’s a G Street Fabrics around there!

No way! that’s so wild! Good for you, Teri! so what did you think of IKEA and Potomac Mills? You HAD to go to G Street Fabrics!

What fun, enjoy! I know you will do that.

ROTFLMAO! How clever! Nothing beats ditching the family for some girl fun!

Hope you have a blast!

With friendship,

Spontaneity is contagious! Enjoyed meeting you for breakfast! Did you notice we barely talked about sewing, mainly sons and schools! Hope you had a safe trip home and made it in time for dinner!

I *do* hope you hit some fabric shops too – drool, drool, drool. That would be the ultimate day for me – Ikea and fabric shops.

BTW – I just checked tomtom’s website and the voices right now are mr. t, burt reynolds and dennis hopper on the “official” website. If you google tomtom voices, I think you will find many others though. Look for the entry on on the first page, as it has a lovely list for finding them, including yoda. Hope this helps!!!!

Reply to Jill: Thanks for the info on the TomTom voices. When I returned, we downloaded Yoda, Darth Vader, and a British comedian whose name escapes me at the moment. It seems there are *lots* of voices to from which to choose. There are user forums where people upload specialized lists to add to your Points of Interest. There is one that lists all the Fabricland stores in Canada! Before we travel, we definitely check for fabric store lists and other fun things to do at our destination.

Even though I did not buy any fabric at GStreet, it is always fun to look and touch.

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