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Posted on: 22 January, 08

Isn’t it pretty? It followed me home from IKEA. This was just what I wanted for the corner of the living room. The right color, the right size, the right shape. The little throw pillow *will* be replaced. I am thinking about something with a print or design, not solid, something to bring out the blue walls and white trim in the room. The lamps I want for the room are mercury glass, so some silver would also work for the pillow. Since I have been looking for some handwork projects, an embroidery project is brewing in my head. The sofa also needs throw pillows, which will be predominately red to tie in with the chair. I have some gorgeous red silk that Hubski bought in China. It will need some sort of embellishment, possibly a geometric pattern of tucks and folds. I have a fuzzy vision of all this in my head.

IKEA is always fun. There are so many nifty things, so many great colors. Shari commented that she likes a lot of IKEA’s things, but the colors are a bit bright, not her colors. That is what I *love* about IKEA! I have a hard time finding things I like at regular furniture stores because everything is so muted and calm. IKEA is definitely more fun with a friend, especially who gets as excited about storage boxes as I do.

Monday morning, I infected Sue with spontaneity virus. I woke her up at the crack of dawn so we could meet at IHOP for breakfast. Her family was as confused as mine was by the rapid departure to meet “a sewing friend.” Sue was as enjoyable and personable as her blog and emails. We talked a great deal about the joys and “joys” of raising boys who march to their own drummers. It felt like I had known her forever. I promised to make another trip to DC, but with a little more advanced notice.

On the way back home, I stopped by GStreet Fabrics. I am desperately trying to reduce my stash. Part of me said I should be a good girl and skip GStreet altogether, not set myself up for temptation. But how could I drive all that way and *not* go to GStreet?!?! Finally, I decided to go, but only buy fabric if it was truly special. “On sale” did not count as “truly special.” There were a few things that were pretty, but nothing stood out as “truly special.” I left the store empty handed. Yes, you read that right…”empty handed.” I bought nothing because there is so much in my stash that is way prettier than what I saw at GStreet. It felt weird to not buy anything, but it felt even better to know that I didn’t buy just to buy.

The drive home was not bad. Tom kept me company and kept me on the right track. (I will write a big review of Tom later.) People on I95 do *not* know how to stay in their lane. Those white lines are on the road for a reason, people! The boys were very happy when I arrived home. It was kind of nice for me to be the one getting the big “welcome home” reception. It was all the sweeter when I discovered that the boys worked on their school projects while I was gone. Today, we were able to relax and enjoy our last day of the long weekend.


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Teri, Your DC trip sounds like a blast! I do admit that I am quite surprised by your spontaneity without your boys. I too have had several opportunities to meet up with Sue when I’ve been in her area. I agree that she is a very warm, kind, and fun person. We hit it off instantly — her DH seemed surprised that we talked like we had known each other forever the very first time we met. lol Love your chair. You will have to post pics of the finished room so we can see how it “fits”.
I also noticed that your DH is going carb free. My sister is allergic to gluten and has found many wonderful recipes on the internet that she likes. She buys her gluten-free flour in a healthfood store and they live in one of the smallest towns in Ohio so I would bet you probably have it available in your area too. It does take some searching as you begin the journey to go gluten/carb free though. I sure hope it works out well for your DH’s health! Best of luck to all of you.

Nice chair. Is it comfy? I could see a pillow in a nice coordinating Michael Miller or Amy Butler cotton print. 🙂 But then, that’s my style. 🙂

Reply to Little Miss: Because we *never* use the living room, I was not terribly concerned about the comfort of the chair. However, the chair is quite comfy. C has already commandeered it for “his” reading chair. We have a floor lamp in that corner that I was planning on replacing. However, it looks better with the chair and is fabulous for reading. C has suggested that, in addition to a nice pillow, the chair needs a soft, snuggly throw. My only fear with adding a soft throw is that I will never pry that boy out of the chair.

What a fun trip you had, Teri. Sounds so fun.

Sounds like a fun trip. Sometimes G St. is not that inspiring- I had the best time when I had lots of time to dig thru the bargain table, or when I was looking for something specific.

It certainly was a pleasure to meet you in person! I think we could have talked for hours more. Nice that the waitress didn’t throw us out!
I like the chair – have fun “accessorizing” it!

Love the chair, Teri! Yep, it definitely needs a print pillow.

You lucky duck to have a trip without kids…how fun! I think I need a road trip in my near future if I am to keep my sanity…LOL!

Good for you not adding to your stash. I’ve only done that once (gone to a famous fabric store and left empty-handed).

With friendship,

So funny to read about your fabric stash, (which I admit I have actually contributed to!! I am such an enabler) since in my scrapbooking world we have the same isses!! Piles of unused paper, ribbon and buttons, all things I HAD to have when I bought them, and yet, when I go to use them, I have too many things piled up to find them!! ARG!! Different obsessions, similar woes!!

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